Hello all pleasant pluckers, and welcome to the brand-spanking-new bass category of guitarsite.

Fingerstyle or plec, flats or rounds, SS or valve, active or passive ( :shock: ), 4-string, 5-string, 6,7,8 and 12 strings, c'mon in. Post a bass-related topic, or reply to a running thread, as you like. Personally, I'd like to find out what's the largest 'plane that can land safely on the fretboard of a Conklin 7-string :)


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Hey I finally made it here, wooo!
I have the original cryptic password and I lost it...

Anyhoo, nice to have our own little place


I know it wasn't meant as a survey or anything but:

Plec (mostly), Rounds, SS, Passive, 4-string, basically anything simple to play and whisky/wine/sweat proof.

Tim, you excrete the strangest substances - I'd lick your bass if it weren't for the "sweat" bit.

Seeing as we're now sortof doing a poll as a "speed-dating" exercise ( :shock: ), I am:
Quite plecky
Mostly five-string
Usually active
Stainless rounds
Valved (and 10" speakered)

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..." :)

Amazing as they are I can't let my pores take all the credit, a lot of it (the maltreatment of my bass) is more like 'oh thats my cue, erm...what should I do with this glass?...I know I'll just stick 2 fingers out to hold the pick'...then I can drink between bars! Yay! everyones a winner...apart from the first 3 rows...and my liver.

I can't imagine who is giving us bassists a bad reputation?! I am now whistling innocently, and slightly of of time.


P.S. Sorry, I'm more partial to a 15" if not 18.

Sorry to take so long on this, but are you whistling "A,A,A,A,A,A,A,D,D,D,D,A,A,A,. E,E,E,D,D,D,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A?" :)

Finally made it here. Thanks 1bass for letting me know about it !!

Hey Boogieman, good to see you back!

...and within 2 years too! :lol:


I've said on another thread, but a hearty WB to Boogieman from me, too. JLR has picked up some interesting basses recently and it'd be great if you could pop up some pics Jimmy.

Hey 1Bass !!!!!!!

I played a 12 String Custom Kent Smith last month. Very,very strange--------------- a new 767 was trying to radio in for landing clearance !!!!!!!!!

I did just pick up a 1987 US Vintage Fender P Bass. Off white color with brass pickguard. Very cool piece.----------------- JLR

I've had horrible probs with my PC (hence the month taken to reply to your post) and am now typing in a Spanish cybercaff.

I have an 8-string cheapy and it's fairly strange. I much prefer the sound when plecced rather than fingered, but careful fingering does allow me to do a reasonable impersonation of Nirvana's Come as you Are

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