Do any bassists here use many pedals?

I use a Boss LMB-3 Limiter/Enhancer (the guy I played for bought it me for Christmas...when I get excited/drunk I forget everything I know about dynamics! it allowed him to 'cap' me) Very good pedal, nice to be able to forget about levels when your rocking out, but one little stomp and you're in full control for the gentler bits.

I keep fancying an Overdrive pedal, possibly the Boss one...and the little kid in me wants a Wah but I keep telling myself I'd never actually use it, well not for anything practical anyway.


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I use a Ibanez SR400 or SR405. Havivg the actice electronics with a bass adjust on my instument, one on my amp and one on my pedal, I adjust my sound clean before I use it and then adjust from there. I use very little on the pedal because what I have already gives me enough bass. All I really use it for is to add a little color to my sound during long heavy guitar solos because we are a four piece band with one guitar. I find that when the bass is a little dirty, it really fills up the emptiness that the rythym guitar leaves. That and it sure is fun playing anesthisia/pullin teeth live !!!

I'm in exactly the same setup and often use OD for exactly the same reason as Bassman. The rhythm guitar fillin sound is good, but I lose the bass end quite a bit. I keep looking for a reasonably priced valve OD pedal but no luck so far. My signal splitter should do the trick but I haven't had a gig or even loud rehearsal to try it out yet.

I'm currently using a Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter.

It's really is a rediculous pedal, but extremely versitile, and extremely powerful. I use it frequently, mainly just for a light phase effect, but unlike many other phasers, it has a lot of presence even on the low end. It can also create a very synth like bass sound, once messed around with enough.
On the low end, It is excellent even just for some additional dynamics. If set up properly, the phase can really create emotional highs and lows in the song, that dont sound like an effect, but a subtle shaping.

I doubt I'll ever get rid of this pedal. It's become an important piece to my set up. Among it I have a Boss DD-6 Delay. Another awsome effect when used created. You dont hear it on bass too often.

Can anyone think of, or has anyone found a way to create whole tones on a bass? I'm thinking similar to an ebow on guitar. But (like always) I had to try the ebow on the bass. Didn't work so hot.

I like a Flanger (with or without OD) to get a synthbass sound. The only thing I can think of for eBow stylee is a really extreme setting on an envelope filter. I imagine Roland's V-Bass could do it (anyone tried a V-Bass?) and I remember a band's bass player with (I think) something like a Boss BE6 who could get a droning, continuous note without any attack or decay.

Hmm. Very Interesting

Not something I'd ever considered yet, or even really knew about. I'm currently really interesting in getting a whammy pedal next.

On a side note, I was at the Tool concert last night in Toronto, ON. Best live show I've ever seen, and bassist Justin Chancellor was the most inspiring bass player I have ever seen. Turns out, in one of their songs he plays this unbelievably rediculous droan for about 5 mins. It's distorted slightly, lots of feedback, modulation, and it's a perfect sustain with zero release or decay. He was not using any ebow's or hand held mechanisms, but was swinging his bass between his two different cabinets.
I know he uses a huge rack of preamps and effects, along with his pedals.
I was very impressed to see that he was in charge of most of the song's effects and ambience, and not the guitar. At the same time, the songs never lost any richness or deep undertones. INCREDIABLE.

If you want to hear the sound i was describing, download the song Lost Keys, by Tool of their 10,000 Days album. You'll probably be surprised that the droan is done all on bass.

If anyway knows how on EARTH this was done, that'd be awsome. It was absolutely incrediable!

Technically not an effect pedal as such but I've just bought a volume pedal from a pawn-shop with the intention of 'dropping it Cello-style' however, it's now in pieces, drenched in switch cleaner, pawn-shops...tsk.

I'm amazed with myself. I haven't mentioned that I finally bought a DHA VT1 valve OD pedal yet? Well, I have. You can look dha up on eBay, but I bought one 2nd hand for cheaper. It's absolutely right for getting the distortion in without much loss of bottom end. I guess the 12AX7 valve is better for this than transistors. I did wonder whether I'd wish I'd gone for the dual-12AX7 pedals he does but this has plenty distortion (at least for bass) and the twin-valvers must be barking mad. I recommend this ped with one proviso; there is quite a 'kdunk' when the heavy duty switch is stood on. Pity about that.

Had a look at the DHA stuff the Purist-bass sounds like it'd be great, might have to save some pennies...

Yes, the VT1 Purist is as much OD as anyone on bass would ever need. Twiddle everything to the right and you can do that QOTSA "Little Sister" thing; which is as far as you'd want. I've never tried it in front of a SS amp, but it certainly gives an old valve amp that footswitchable "crunch" option.

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