Do any bassists here use many pedals?

I use a Boss LMB-3 Limiter/Enhancer (the guy I played for bought it me for Christmas...when I get excited/drunk I forget everything I know about dynamics! it allowed him to 'cap' me) Very good pedal, nice to be able to forget about levels when your rocking out, but one little stomp and you're in full control for the gentler bits.

I keep fancying an Overdrive pedal, possibly the Boss one...and the little kid in me wants a Wah but I keep telling myself I'd never actually use it, well not for anything practical anyway.


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1bassleft wrote:
We have a stand a Bassday in Manchester (UK) this coming Sunday if anyone is going please say hello.

Carbuncles :x . That'd be 11/11 and I'm pre-booked at 11am. I haven't checked the details (annoyingly, I'll be in M/C on Saturday) but that sounds like a good event to goto. If I make it, I'll definitely say "hello"

If you do come bring your pedal and I can explain the mod in more detail or even do it if there is time. I will put some bits and a soldering iron in my bag just in case.


I'll be making Remembrance Sunday my #1 priority (10-12am) and I'm supposed to do some teaching-preparation stuff afterwards but I can wing it. BassDay looks too good to miss.

Dave, it would be great to say hello there and Tim too. Flesh-pumping is a rare chance; can we make a meetup? I assume you'll have a DHA stand, Dave. If you're going, Tim, we ought to get together there at some predetermined time.

btw, the s/n on my VT1 Purist is 0303 (Jan 07) and, Tim, I do highly recommend the peds. Dayglo/camo might not be your style (matt black with black LED is your thing, I know) but the OD tone beats all FX at the same price level.

Annoyingly, I didn't see this post in time and I actually left BassDay quite early as I was a bit bored between things happening...and if I never hear another slapped bass I would be very happy indeed! 'Bond' was cool though.

However, I did get some Overwater stainless flats (ground wound) which are on already, and lovely.

Nice to finally meet Dave from DHA as well although I didn't have the guts to test a pedal infront of so many people :(

1bassleft wrote:
Hello Dave and a seriously big welcome to Guitarsite,

I like the VT1 very much and, in terms of OD tone, it's up there with the V-Twin and Matchless pedals but without the arm+leg cost. Mine is a VT1 (not the bass model with the i/p pad) and I bought it used from eBay (the seller turned out to be "Brycebites" on the PlexiPalace forum). It's not in my house so I don't have the serial # to hand but it must be an older model considering its history. It's not the single-gold colour you did ages ago, but the "dayglo-camo" style of paint.

I'd be interested in hearing about the "klunk reducer" mod, of course. As I say, though, it covers all my needs from additional crunch (I already use valve amps) to full-on, "Jon Spencer" style fuzz-bass. I'm also planning on testing it out with replacements for the usual EH12AX7.


This is one of the very first bass versions I ever did, Chris (Brycebites) sold it after he purchased another one. Drop me an email via the web site and I will let you know about what mods you can add to bring it up to date.


As I've explained separately to the mods here, the bug came back to hit me massively on Sunday and I've spent as much of the week as possible wrapped in a blanket. Sorry to miss both Tim and Dave at the show but I'll keep a pencil ready for future events. Thanks VERY much for your offer, Dave and I'll send you a note soon.

I got me a (Russian sadly) Bassballs...crazy pedal, takes some very careful tweaking but can really add some punch to the sound (sounds good with guitar too!) I think I'd still use a stand-alone OD though, the distortion option is a bit all or nothing.

The other option is to max all the controls for full on talky bass...

UPDATE: there's a reason the official demo of the Bassballs features more guitar than bass...it's a bit boring for bass.

A tiny bit might help you to punch through in a band setting but most of the effect isn't much use unless you want to play NIB...

However, it's found it's way into my guitar gear and is now nestled between my Boss DS-1 and my amp where it can generate some beautifully chaotic noise :twisted:

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