Favourite bass riffs

Doesn't have to be just bass players with an opinion, and you don't have to limit it to a top 5 or pad it out to a top ten. Just mention those basslines that wobble your sloop. Here's some of my faves:

Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc" (Is this a sample? and of what?)
"Starless" - from King Crimson's Red album
White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army" (it's a bass riff, even if not on a bass guitar)
"Love will Tear us Apart" - Joy Division

I'll think of some more later, but pip in with your own.

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1bassleft wrote:
Do you have the album sleeve notes or credits KJP?

According to a comment on Amazon's page about the "Feels So Good" album, Louis Johnson is the four-stringer.
Click [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Johnson_(bassist)]here[/url] for Wikipedia's article about him.

Oh... and here is Amazon's link for the album.

Thumbs up for "Oh My God"; good choice! :)

Thanks, KJP, and according to Amazon's reviews, Gary King kerplunked on "Mister Magic" so that's the guy on Black Frost. Ignorant type that I was, I'd listened to the clips and just assumed they were same player; different basses. Suddenly struck me as obvious that Grover would've brought in whoever was available and good enough for the rhythm section.

Frost is the better riff, but I love that thump of Johnson's.

1bassleft wrote:
And another good bass line. Maybe not a favourite or future classic, but listen to the opening of Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God". Simon Ricks does a lovely walk on what is, vocally, one of the most tedious melodies I've heard.

I was trying not too mention it (the Mrs likes) but, ok, I put this track on voluntarily the other day...it is kinda bouncy...still think they're shiv (as my predictive text would say)

:lol: :lol: Mrs Bass also, and Bass Jr (he's 7, about the KC's target market). Mrs Bass asked me to write in that song for her (monophonic) ringtone. I laughed myself silly and did the chorus for her. She could hardly believe it's all the same note, with a couple different at the end.

BTW, if you're stuck for a middle eight, try "Whoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao, oaoaoaoaoaoao, aaaaaaaarrrghggh". It's worked for three of their hits now ("I Predict a Riot", "Oh My God", and "I Love You Less and Less", for all anoraks out there).

'My Generation' any other band it wouldn't have worked but Pete Townsend leaves so much space in the sound that it actually fits perfectly and, strangley, works with Keith Moon's somewhat enthusiastic style.

And I want all his basses.

If you goto my chum Arni's site for lefty bass players, http://www.leftybass.com/e_start.htm, you can click on a link to play the scene from "Kids are Alright" where Entwhistle leaves the house stuffed wall to wall with his basses. Some very nice instruments and worth watching just for the envy factor.

Purely on tone rather than the actual notes played, HardFi have a great bass sound; no doubt Kai's HiWatt bass amp being a big part of it. It's most obvious in the single Cash Machine which is a decent bass riff but better for its clean-valve sound; a HiWatt trademark.

'Yesterday to tomorrow' by 'Audioslave' Tim Commerford is great but this is really subdued and just sweet bass work, IMO. (p.s. listen to the whole album...and buy it... p****s on their first offering)

Not getting a download on this song, but I'll find one :)

well then... My list has to start with Cliff Burton of mettalica. anything he did from to live is to die to Hit the lights, you can't say enough about a life that was wasted so soon. My list of riffs is long so I will try to name some gooders:

-wild nights-John mellencamp
-Detroit rock city -Kiss
-are you gonna go my way -Lenny Kravitz
-are you gonna be my girl-Jet
-the trooper-iron maiden
-aces high- iron maiden
-war pigs-black sabbath
-smoke on the water-deep purple (surprise surprise but how it walks during the solo......*drool*drool*drool*)

Man so many just popped in my head I'm gonna stop there!! You'd be readin all nite hehehe :D

Hey guys... I agree with post above, war pigs has a great bass. Another top song from Black Sabbath is N.I.B

Even though i could get away with saying Peter Hook, bassist for Joy Division and New Order was a bit before my time, he really is a really truly great bass player and very underated.

There is also a song named Minute To Forever, which was part of D'Adario Strings Original Sounds, a free promo cd i recieved with a pack of strings. I cant seem to find any tab for this song. I must say that this is the most awesome bass line i ever heard and cream my pants listening to it every time. LKISTEN TO THIS SONG! and if anyone can source a tab for this, please post a link ;)


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