Here's a funny subject.

You know how you can see words for years and not be sure how to pronounce them because you've never actually heard anyone SAY them? Well, I just realized I've never actually heard anyone pronounce the name of two guitars.

The first is the Epiphone. I actually heard someone pronounce it a couple of weeks ago, and they said, "Ep-i-phone." Sorry, no "schwa" (the upside-down "e" used in phonetic spellings) available on the keyboard, so just substitute that for the unaccented "i" in the second syllable. I had always assumed it was "E-pif-i-nee." A word that means "sudden insight." But the other pronunciation is probably correct.

The second is Ibanez. Anyone care to suggest the correct pronunciation so I don't embarass myself somewhere?

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I've never liked them enough to ever need to ask that question.

glw, that's the funniest post-in of the year so far :lol:

Blanche, I think "yeth" is really pushing it into pretentiousville; it's not a Spanish guitar, it's Japanese. Most Spanish (and almost all Latin Americans) don't pronounce "z" as "th" anyway. That's just a Castillian thing caused by deference to some short-tongued, long dead, king. I found out pretty quickly in Andalucia that "th th th th th, uno thervetha" talk just made me sound poncey.

Whatever the phonics, there's an alarming number of owners who pronounce it "Ibeenhad" :lol:

I realize the thread is pretty cold, but I just got here. As for the Epiphone, I used to pronounce it Epi-fone. Then I realized it was probably Epif-oh-nee, and felt like a minor idiot. Today I went to the Epiphone site and discovered I was right the first time. The company was at one time operated by Epimanondas (Epi) Stathopuoulo, a Greek. Ergo, Epi, from his given name, and phone from the Greek for sound.

If one of us had been bright enough to check the website in the first place it'd have saved us a lot of debate, mind you what else do you do on a forum?

Welcome to the board BTW, I was going to say have a look around but you're already back to Jan '06...go you!


Welcome in, CB. Nice to see this one warmed up again. How does one pronounce Yngwie?

How does one pronounce Yngwie

...bearing in mind this is a family site.

Ive always pronounced it Yengy, as in 'See you next Tuesday' :lol:

Is that a cockney thing? Apples and pears, arfur pound and the like...never did understand you lot.

See = C
You = U
Next = N
Tuesday = well you get the idea.. :lol:

Touched by Ingwee's solo's

Im getting a headache..

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