Has anyone else seen this email? ...what do you make of it?

I'm not so sure. Perhaps I'm a naturally suspicious-minded person.

Dear Friend,

Thank you in advance for letting your visitors know of the following important electric guitar and electric bass information.


A special combined report -and- project that describes little-known information about how electric guitar and bass pickups actually work - and also contains a comprehensive contruction project that lucidly details how to get 580 percent more pickup tones from a 3-pickup guitar or bass. It also describes how to get 100 percent more pickup tones from a 2-pickup guitar or bass.

This newly patented process (U.S. Patent 6998529) is now available as a special report for the personal use of others who want to squeeze much more tones out of their electric guitar or bass.

Now you can get a scrumptious range of pickup tones from bluesy - to - tin-canny and everything in-between.

The process is completely passive and means that there is no electronic components to fail at the worst possible time (during recording sessions, performing, etc.). In addition, no batteries are required and this avoids instances of inconvenient dead batteries.

This process is beneficial for the serious guitarist - one who brings three or more guitars to a recording session or performance because each one has it's own special tone. Now you can design one platform that sounds like them all.

For places that sell pickups separately, this report encourages experimentation with different pickups to obtain the 'palette' of tones desired, and means you will see more pickup sales as a result.

This information is also available optionally with Resell Rights to let the purchaser (e.g., electric guitar/bass websites, guitar dealers, etc.) legally sell retail copies of this report to others for additional profit.

Guitar manufacturers and builders can now also get an inexpensive license to this patented "Method for switching electric guitar pickups" and start taking market share from the biggies (fender, gibson, etc.) with hard-hitting marketing sound bites like:

"Buy the 'competitor's' 3-pickup guitar and get 5 pickup tones. Buy ours and get 29 pickup tones."

More information is available at:


Here are comments from recent purchasers of this report:

* Great Product! This info has helped!! Thanks!
* Ingenious. Clever Seller AAA+
* A seller that knows what he is doing! I believe that he can be relied upon.
* Very impressed with schematics- easy to read/easy to download. A+
* Smooth transaction. Will/would do business with again. Item MORE than described.
* Pickup wiring plans very straightforward and helpful. Looking forward to trying.
* Very helpful, easy to understand, can't wait to put it to use, thanks, it's great!
* Interesting information on guitar pickups as promised. Easy to download.
* Very well written. Thanks.
* Good seller, the schematic is easy to understand.
* Quick delivery, well thought out, can't wait to try it out. Easily worth the price.
* Very good information for the guitar builder. Thanks!!!
* Interesting item. Guitar players should take a look!!!
* Great Product! Very Helpful Information! Thanks!
* Good guitar info, would buy from again. Thanks! A+++++
* Product delivered exactly as described. Looks like a great project. A+
* An excellent product. A must for all guitar builders. Great person to deal with.

So, what do you think? Is this genuine or some kind of con-trick?

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Just a quick read-through leads me to believe that it's a con to get you to buy some simple thing you already have, or don't need.

But, hey, I've been described as the guy with the highest sales resistance in America.

I couldn't find the patent on the US website - but that could just be a matter of it not being updated.

It's hard to believe that some of these guys like Seymour Duncan don't know what a pickups capable of.

I don't want to diss for the sake of it, but who wants this on their guitar?

The G+L 2500 bass has three DPDTs and that's already a bit much. I'm not sure how he's getting series/parallel switching out of a pair of single coils anyway. Unless he means to reverse the polarity of one of the pups, in which case you've now got both pups+hum to go with both pups, no hum. Fairy nuff, he's only asking $5 but I'd rather peruse guitar-electronics.com for free. The guy deals in Futures - but so did Nick Leeson of Barings Bank.

whatz dis gizmo do ?? makes the guitar float?? its stuck to the top of da case!! :lol:

That is a rather crowded control panel on that Tele.

Could look kindof strange, your road-tech knelt in front of you with an A4 ring-binder in front of him, "Here comes middle eight. Switches 1,3 and 6 down, switch 2 up, 4+5 in middle position... crikey, here comes the chorus again..."

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