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I like to listen and figure out songs on my own by ear. MY problem is that after figuring them out I tend to forget what I figured a day or so later. So I started to type down everything in Notepad. Thats a pain in the you know what, having to draw lines, skip spaces, juggle chord identification with the carriage bar and what not. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what freeware program I might use? I dont need a lot of bell's and wistles, I just want something I can create chord forms and riffs with.


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eTktab 3.2

eTktab is an ASCII tablature editor for 4/5/6 stringed instruments.


Power Tab Editor

Power Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for Windows.



Tab editor/player/printer


Easy Tab Maker Pro
(possible adware)

Easy Tab Maker Pro allows you to plug your guitar into your computer. While you play Easy Tab Maker Pro analyzes the pitch and tone of the signal transmitted from your guitar. It monitors the change and combination of the chords played. Then it analyzes the pitch and tone to determine which strings were played and where your fingers were at. Easy Tab Maker Pro then graphs the results as tablature.

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Thanks for the fast reply Michael

Have you tried them all? If so what one did you like best. Maybe you could give me some pro's and con's on them. Again all I really want and need is something real basic. I'd rather be spending my time working the music out on the guitar than having to mess with a program. In other words, figure out a few bars, lean forward key it in and get back to both hands on the guitar.

Appreciate your insight

I haven't tried them but I'd suggest giving them all a look except Easy Tab Maker Pro. Seems to have adware.

Software is iffy because a lot of the time each will do the same things you need - but it's the way that a certain program goes about it that may make it easier for you.

errrmmm... looking at em but, I'd say eTktab is prob what your after.

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