Great Debut, but Wha'appened?

I was going to make this a general thang about debut albums but, as is often the case, it's been covered elsewhere:

among some others. So, let's go back to what got me thinking. I was playing Mansun's Attack of the Grey Lanterns and it's just brilliant. Self-produced, a masterpiece. But Six was just unlistenable barmyness and where are they now? So, here are a few other great debuts that beg the question. Any others that you can think of?

1 - Elastica, Elastica; I know they lost their bass player, but does that usually kill a band dead?

2 - The Stone Roses, Stone Roses; Not my type, but a lot of quality songs. Years of waiting, we then get the execrable Second Coming. Yet Ian Brown has since gone on to put out gem after gem. Go figure.

3 - Compulsion, Comforter; Excellent EPs, then this album. Also, the follow-up The Future is Medium very strong. Yet I think they suffered from that music press "New Wave of New Wave" hype that died as soon as they moved onto Britpop. Shame, really.

4 - Linoleum, Dissent; 1997, stuffed with good tracks, disappeared without trace. Wha'appened?

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On the point of The Stone Roses I have heard they tried not to play, especially record, whilst high because it sounded great until you came down. Maybe their resolve weakened? Or maybe they ran out of ideas? Their debut is very good (especially Manny) but much of it is of an ilk.

Anyone remember Echo and the Bunnymen? 1st record 'Crocodiles' was so different and fresh, then they got caught up in the hype, the camo gear, the psychodelia rock thing, Teardrop explodes did a similar thing,
was'nt Kilimanjaro their first? there was some classic tracks on that record.

I think bands have a hell of a long time to come up with material for that
1st album, and the second one gets created and recorded under the shine of the first.
Maybe they just run out of things to say.
I dont think they have time to develope their talent these days,
record companies want the product now, the whole record industry was
in the balance when coldplay released their new one, but they made them wait.
Im no Coldplay fan but it was supposed to be a great record.
Not my cup of tea, i always feel like their stuff is written for women to
mope over, oh what could have been, ummm,
Probably the cynic in me, but i think James Blunt is on the same page as Coldplay, write a load of old cods wallop about feeelings and perfect and imperfect relationships and the women will buy it.
I dont know any bloke that buys that stuff.

I did buy Parachutes and Rush of Blood. I saw them on TV at Glastonbury before "Trouble" was released and they seemed class. Chris Martin doesn't half spout inarticulate bolleaux about world evils, though.

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