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OK, I thought I'd do something different for my 1500th post. Supposing your box on Deal or No Deal contained the big money all along and you went to the wire. Your significant other (wife, husband, cat, Domino's Pizza) says you can spend what you like but no more than three planks cluttering up the house. What'd you go for, and why? Brand new or vintage. Here are mine:

1) Lakland 55-94

although the retro in me would want the scratchplate "Classic" in Lake Placid Blue and I'd rather have the genuine Stingray 5 pup over the Bartolini. Two of my favourite pups (the MM and the Jazz neck) in one bass and I like how Lakland make 5-strings that don't have a neck width that Cessnas could take off from.

2) Godlyke Deity 10
An 8-string sounds like fun, but I'd miss the low B so a quick visit to Godlyke called for. I'm a lefty but, seeing as they charge >$3000 and don't use a CNC, I'm sure they can accomodate me.

3) '72 - '73 Fender Telecaster Bass

Did they ever make a lefty? Bet they didn't, but I suppose I could get Custom Shop to do me one and, while they're at it, fit piezo saddles and the Graphtech preamp (I can live without the tone knob). What a strange combo that would be, the raspiest bass humbucker ever blended with acoustic?

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Hello, not ignoring this but realised that I don't know 3 nice basses :oops: , probably go to Alembic and say "I want this, and this, and erm...this" if money was really no object, although 3 (working) basses would be my definition of excess anyway...probably a 5 and a 4 of much the same thing (with the stuff I'm playing at the mo the idea of trying a 5 is finally growing on me...)

I also saw this and was trying tio think of three. Give me time.

I will say this, Tim. There's truth in that "how did I manage without a B?" stuff. I first bought a five (righty) for £120 BIN when they were rareish beasts. Despite being upside down, it instantly relegated my Aria to the mothballs and eventually waved it off with my hanky to the Fleeb. The idea I have (design a guitar thread) of building a Tele-shaped bass with piezo is hampered by the fact that I daren't take just a 4-stringer to rehearsal.

There are one or two of the old numbers made slightly easier by using the B instead of swooping down the neck but, mainly, the reason is that almost all new songs contain a low D, C or sometimes B in them and it simply can't be done. I'd have to fit a Hipshot D-tuner on that Fender (at vast expense for a lefty).

This is why I wanted to string my 4 as BEAD, who needs a G anyway?! Although I'm starting to us it a bit more as part of my learn-to-play drive hence the sudden (literally instant) interest in 5-strings.

True. In the old indie band I did use the G for some rockabillyish lines and the odd chord (well, pretty odd chord) but now I haven't sniffed it in a while. Sometimes the current guitarist thinks I should do something high while he plays under it but, after a while, I let him play his "unterbit" then stick a low B and E under that. He invariably prefers the sphinctre-opening latter variety.

You've got me thinking that my "design-a-bass" which pretty much has to use the four piezo saddles and '51 single coil, could be made BEAD. Really ought to sell an amp or two and get moving on that idea...

1bassleft wrote: "design-a-bass" which pretty much has to use the four piezo saddles and '51 single coil, could be made BEAD....

Now you're making me jealous!

Which in partic, n2n? Me, I run like a scared girl from a URB. No frets! Strange position of arms! Difficulty with all forms of transport, etc :)

I definately want to tinker with something short-scale eg a Gibson EBwhatever al la Jack Bruce (before he denounced all fretted instruments and became a bit of a muppet)

Well, here's one, Tim: :lol:

My very,very first ever bass was a Kay 4001 "copy" (if I can dignify it with that term). Almost as nasty as this, except the strings did at least go over the pole pieces and the fretboard. It was in "Woolworths" when I was 13, for £45 but I accidentally damaged it just by picking it up. I quickly put it back and, a week later, saw it was reduced to £17. I bought it, but any feelings of guilt quickly evaporated once I tried it. Easily the worst ever guitar to land in my hands. Like this one, the neck wasn't even maple. Bizarre as it sounds, it looks a heckuva lot like beech :shock:

It was a shortscale, with flats and it managed to put me off both for decades. I've just now bought a Fender Mustang Bass basketcase that I shall restore to something like its 30" glory (with flats), but I don't really get on with them. They 'flobble' a lot when hit hard.

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