Best Stones Song

Why is it that some people think I'm crazy because I think Angie is their best? Rather, what makes so many people dislike it?

Apart from Wild Horses - the lyrics can hardly be beat. Very true I think.

/Edited to add some reasoning/

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Michael wrote:
Wrap alfoil around your head and rub butter on your chest. It's what I do to stop your avatars reading my mind. Especially your twisted spirit.

see that squale pokes the discussion, but I do not know if you approve the step, I know that my misadventure did not plait you at all, that I included/understood well, but it seems to me also that you have a spirit higher than the mien, well it is the life, it is necessary to know to listen worse than oneself, I surely do not have your intelligence, but, I will try to raise me on your level (if I arrive there), I hope that on your site, it ya has a place for a poor guy like me, in any case I persiter will come you to tickle to come from other guy like me, to see whether one can try to include oneself/understand. A++ :twisted:

Dead Flowers, easy.

No it's not, sorry, it's Sway, it just came on my playlist...thats what he's playing no doubt about it. (the second half)

Squale, you're very welcome here. I like your posts; they're fun to read. Don't worry too much about Lee; few people apart from himself are allowed to play guitar on Stones songs, and one of them's dead :)

Did you know..... Mick Taylor actualy wrote 'Sway' but was never credited for it, Jagger did the lyric, but Micky T wrote the song....
Not a lot of people know that, and how you can call that twisted Frenchmans attempt at guitar a version of 'Sway' beats me..

I've just played it now, and I thought of "Can't Always Get What You Want" too. Not immediately, but I thought of it. I had to put Gauloise in the bong and a good splash of cognac in the Carte Noir, but then I started to think that might be the song :)

But then, I ought to start "Best White Stripes Song" thread. I can play Seven Nation Army just about :lol:

lee_UK wrote:
and how you can call that twisted Frenchmans attempt at guitar a version of 'Sway' beats me..

You have to play one then the other, the Widdle over strummy bit from about 2mins in to the end, trust me...

Liked the bluesy sounds early to mid periods- havent't heard anybody mention "get off of my cloud", "paint it black", or the early High Tides and Green Grass.

Most people tend to like the Stones around the Sticky Fingers period, I dont think they made a duff record til the late 70's, thats a hell of a good run, but the last 2 records they have done have actualy been very good.
Has anyone heard 'A bigger bang'?? its the best record ive heard from the Stones in a very long time.

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