menatone king of the britains . . . .

im looking for a wiring diagram for the menatone king of the britians. its not the newest model, its the one with 5 knobs and not 6. does anyone know where i can find one?

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Never heard of one of those, Skip.

never heard of them.

I see your problem. Menatone's website is a bit rubbish. All I can suggest is that you contact the sitemaster of It's not a one-way-street; you may have to open the thing up and take some pics. Even so, you're unlikely to get schems but you might get advice.

What is your Q, BTW? Are you happy with the unit or are you looking to tweak?

Is it Britains, or Britons??

Lee_UK (An Englishman of probable French - German - Nordic - Roman - Briton descent.)


Keep quiet about your Englishness, Lee, or the King of the Britains (sic) would probably hack you up a bit. LeeStew.

Whats a Briton then?
And that is the beauty of being an Englishmen, we dont know where we came from.

Ah I see where you're going (seriously off-topic :lol: ).

The Britons are the Celts (themselves invaders. All those hippy "druids" who claim to be the guardians of Stonehenge should learn some history. the 'henge was built long before Celts arrived). Incidentally, the Breton dialect in Brittany is similar to Cornish and Welsh. After the Romans bannered off, the Britons (with or without Arthur) did a generally peace-poor job of keeping out the Angles and Saxons coming over from what is now Germany. They, in turn, weren't much cop at stopping Vikings (Alfred the Great mostly bought them off) and finally got one in the eye from the Normans. The Normans weren't really French, but "Northmen" (yes, more Scandinavians) that the King of France just had to put up with.

Why Menatone call the pedal "King of the Britains" I don't know. Not bothering to check the facts, I guess. Like films about how the US Navy broke the Enigma code ( :shock: :evil: ). Anybody remember the TV series Time Tunnel? Doug and Tony, in one episode, helped King Arthur and his English army defeat the Vikings. Great piece of historical research, that one.

the britons were a result of the end of ice age meltdown of the north sea !
which created an island !!!

whoever was on it was stuck and had to invent boats to get away !!

britons are therefore the mongrels of europe with no truly traceable id

Sorry, Bass, but it's a common mistake that the The Britons are Celts. Cor, you'll be believing all the pro-Roman progaganda next.

Waaay off topic (and not exactly my specialist area I'll cheerfully admit) but I don't buy into this "Britons weren't really Celts" theory. Invaders don't have to fight pitched battles and subdue the indigineous into slavery; they can simply bowl up and take over. Most of the US was "won" by simple barbed-wire. Britons weren't Neolithics stuck in Blighty without a paddle then independently developing pretty much the same language and culture; it just doesn't add up. By trade, migration, shagging, pre-Roman Britain was Celticized but I didn't mean that the blob on the atlas was some cohesive "greater Celtic nation" :)

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