What is a turbotrem ? You ask . Well let me tell you it's the way cool whammy tool . We put the allen wrenches right on the bar for you . So no more looking for those pesky allen wrenches anymore . We have whammy bars that fit Floyd Rose and Kahler tremolo systems as well as Ibenez models ... Check us out at www.turbotrem.com . Let us know what you think of this killer new product ...

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FYI, if you do come back, that's some cheesy text. I clicked on the link and, although I have pretty fast gear, I got bored of waiting for whatever is supposed to come up and killed the window.

It really is worth the wait ( we don't have that much flash on our site ). I'm just trying to help out my fellow guitar players . Changing strings on a locking trem is such a pain . I just made it easier ...

Top marks for coming back, Pete. As you may imagine, new posters who kick off with a sales pitch can be unpopular starters on fora (some boards just routinely delete them).

G-Site tries to be a little more easygoing but, in all honesty, your pitch is all wrong. "What is a turbotrem, you ask..." etc is only seen on Shopping Channel these days. And, take it from a visitor who just clicked on the big "X", it is NOT worth the wait. I'm just trying to help you here, Pete. Ditch that video upload, amusing cartoon or whatever it is. It is killing your fledgling business. If a site doesn't load in 5 seconds, that's it - customer gone. I mean, do you wait 15 mins to get served a beer because the sign in the bar says "as soon as this flashy sign stops flashing a barman will actually see you and then serve you a terrific beer, trust us"?

I sound harsh but, hey, that's the market. We had "pedalboardguy" come here; politely talked about his smallscale business and put up a link. He got a positive reaction from board members because the right approach was adopted and he was walking while the running shoes weren't ready yet.

Thanks for the advise and i'll try to make things a little more interesting. I'd love to have the chance to start over on your site . I'd like to delete my original posting and create something a little less ( home shopping networkish )...Thanks

Pete, no need to delete the orig post.

I agree with 1B in regards to the site. The video really slowed me down.

I think having some clear info on what the product is as a main feature, at the top of the page, would be beneficial to both you and customers.

An option to view the video is def needed.

I had a good look at the site and couldn't figure out what was so revolutionary about the product. As far as I could see it was a trem arm with a built-in hex key in the tip (which, by the way, is not a new idea). There were claims on the website about how it makes it quicker and easier to change strings on Floyd Rose equipped guitars, but how? I didn't see any explanation.

We are doing a total revamp of our site and should have it up by early November . These changes will make it alot esier for the viewer to understand what it is we are trying to get across to them . Feel free to stop by and see for yourself . Thanks guys .

Welcome back, Pete. I have replaced my broadband modem (though not the bandwidth) and your site loaded much quicker this time. Have you already made a change to speed up the loading time?

Pete, some quick first reactions since revisting your site that may assist you on better redesigning it:

1) get a FAQ in the menu as it's a quick and effective way to answer questions people will have.

2) lose the way the information is placed vertically down the screen. Keep it simple. Have a header, menu, pic and info - All within the viewers eyeshot upon loading.. no scrolling for important info.

3) make sure the user can tell exactly what the product does and how it will help them upon first viewing. No scrolling needed. At the moment it starts with "The stage is no place for downtime. You need to be ready to fix it the moment it goes wrong...your reputation depends on it!
Your Turbotrem will be shipped via express mail. Please Contact Us for other shipping methods. Or call 847.289.9601"

If taking on a marketing specialist is out of the question, take a look at the big companies websites and see what they're doing. Some people won't even know what the product is even after 2 minutes on the site.

4) get some features listed in bullet form

5) lose the WM video or display it as a flash video. At the moment I feel it's hogging too many resources and could be putting off potential customers as it's clogging their browsers down.

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