"Thoro"ly annoyed

We were at the "Mid-America Truck Show" this weekend in Louisville. They have music shows each evening.

Thursday night, I turned down free tickets to see the Road Hammers. I hear it's a Canadian rock group.

But Friday night I would have loved to go to see George Thorogood. Unfortunately, again I had to turn down free tickets because my wife had made previous arrangements. Arrrrrrrrgh!

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Previous arrangements had better have been worth it is all I'll say.

edit: btw, definitely a thread title pun of the year contender.

Had I known in advance about her plans, I might have put the nix on them, but she kind of surprised me.

And, had I finked out on her plans, my theme song might have become, "Move It On Over!"

For a second, Mike (Blanche) I thought the new avatar was a self portrait of you operating a speed camera and all sympathy evaporated :lol:

Nope, that's me operating my 1923 Ford Model T Touring Car hot rod.

Simply, a killer ride.

To drop names...

Norm Grabowski says that it was apparently started by Tex Smith in his shop when he was associatied with Cal Automotive about 40 years ago, but never finished.

That ought to work your google for a while.

Pretty mild Chevy 350, TurboHydramatic 350, Ford 8-inch, and nothing much else, a very rudimentary car. If you passed Auto Shop 1, there's nothing on this car you won't undersand.

And if this sounds like a foreign language, imagine how I feel with some musical terms you guys take for granted.

Mike B, I've found that a rudimentary 8" works fine for me. I've never understood the theory side of the muzak posts here, either; but I'm a bass player so the board still offered me a gig :lol:

mrblanche wrote:
Nope, that's me operating my 1923 Ford Model T Touring Car hot rod.

I dont see any room for a DSL 100 with a marshall 4x12 cab, Gibson SG standard plus backup, how the hell do you gig in that?? :lol:

I doesn't even have a radio!

When you have that 350 thumping away through those pipes, what guy needs more music than that?

Oh, wait, you mean how do I carry any equipment? I'll let you in on a secret. Have you seen the move "This Is Spinal Tap" (silly question) where the guy gets an amp with a volume knob that goes up to 11 or 12? Most guys I play with say I need an amp that goes to -2.

Which is to say, as a musician, I'm a pretty doggone good truck driver.

I took Rick Nelson's advice seriously.

I need to find a photo of the rear of the car for you...

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