For some of my pieces I use Eb-Tuning - the bass E is reduced
from E to Eb. I learned this special tuning when playing arrangements
of Roland Dyens.
In quite a lot of other cases I like the Rondena tuning :
E reduced to D, G reduced to F# ( I made a whole CD using just this tuning for brazilian guitar music )
In both tunings I find nice possibilities to play special accords which you
can not do with the standard tuning.

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Hey Pfeiffer, I presume by 'bass E' you're talking the low/bass E on guitar not bass? I play bass and do find it useful sometimes to drop my E to the Eb or D less critical on a bass as I don't play many chords but still helps get some nice sounds and a lower-low is always good. I'm playing around with dropping the G at the minute as I'm up to 4 and 5 fret stretches...which hurts on a bass!

P.s. Was this a reply to the 'What tunings do you use thread? If so there should be a 'Post reply' button at the bottom of the thread so your post will be with all the others (sorry if you know this already, but I just thought I'd say in case you didn't)


Hi Tim,

thank's for your comment.Yes; I am speaking about a ( classical ) guitar, not a bass.

Have fun,

best wishes Hans

Hans, would you object if this were put in the "tunings" thread started by glw? It seems ike a realy good home for it.


Hi 1BL, no, I have no objections.
Sorry, I am new in this forum and I wasn't aware that
there is a special tuning-thread.
Thank's for your comment and advice ...

best wishes Hans

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