New Pedal Board/pedals

im looking to finally get a bunch of pedals because i just paid off my guitar. i was thinking about getting:

-a boss tu2 tuner
-a boss ns2 noise surpressor
-Line 6 DL4 delay module
-BBE sonic stomp

does anyone have any advice on what pedal board to get with these? i want something in a hard case unless there is something with a bag that is a lot better. i work at guitar center so i can get all this at cost.

also i have no rack gear as of now, but i always wanted to get a dtr1000 korg rack tuner. is that worth it if i dont have any rack gear, should i just go with the boss pedal tuner?


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Billy, and this is just my op, racks are the biggest PITA going. You just don't feel like lugging them. If I could think of the worst thing to start a rack with, it'd be a tuner. Next thing you know, it's at the back of the closet underneath a heap of slightly more useful stuff.

As I said, just my op :)

yeah i figured. tomorrow im buying this skb pedal board, its like a road case. and the pedals. i dont need to waste money on the rack. thanks

ive just bought into to the floorboard/effects pedals and ditched my old ME50, best thing i ever did, i got a Korg DT-10 tuner, they are about £60 and have excellent easy to read and see display. i got a monster 2amp 9v power adapter, and got a daisy chain plug lead from maplins, you can get 5 pedals on each chain,
i have 2 linked, and use 8 pedals of various types and i got an alluminum flight case from ebay, its an old BBC computer case, but the dimensions are perfect.
padded it out with foam and it works very well.

Have you tried the old Zoom 507?? or is it 508?? its a delay box with loads of different delays, they still fetch a good price on ebay, but they are excellent.

Cant help with the rest, good luck with the pedalboard.

yeah today i bought everything

i got an SKB PS45 pedal board
the line6 DL4
BBE sonic stomp
Boss Tu2 tuner

since i work at GC i got it for underrr $550 hahaha with a 2 year warrenty on the line 6 pedal and some cables

i need to get the NS2 noise surpressor soon tho, so much extra feedback with the pedals. i didnt realize.

Heres a pic of my current setup:
Top left to bottom right, Behringer ultra tremelo, Boss super phaser ph2,
Boss compressor-sustain CS3, ProCat turbo rat, Korg D-10 tuner,
Voodoo labs sparkle drive, Boss super chorus, Boss Flanger BF3,
Boss Autowah-AW3, Home made Volume booster/solo pedal, i also have a JD Crybaby wah which i sit off the board, the only thing on this setup i dont use is the AutoWah, im waiting for the theme tune to 'The Professionals' to appear in the setlist!
The lid to the flight case is a lift off one, and it just sits at the right height.

I would try defeating the feedback in other ways before putting a tone sucking noise supressor in my setup.
potted pickups?
solid body?
stand off the amp?
turn some gain down?
swap your pedals around?
I think i could add another 50 to the list but you would already know what they are.

you need a decent power supply eg voodoo labs pedal power... i made my own however!

forget about the noise surpressor, try to play just with pedals remember the tone is in your fingers. :twisted:

JC Betancourt wrote:
forget about the noise surpressor, try to play just with pedals remember the tone is in your fingers. :twisted:

Bass!!! Look what he said!! Tone is in the fingers!! somebody else agrees with us!

JC Betancourt wrote:
forget about the noise surpressor, try to play just with pedals remember the tone is in your fingers. :twisted:

since when do pedals provide tone? they are effects that colour sound

"tone" is a product of everything from the strings through to the speakers and even the room you are playing in

different people playing through the same equipment will sound different because of their "style" or "feel"

:lol: , Lee. Lee is referring to another thread (coincidentally, also beginning with the subject of pedal boards) that featured a comment about "tone is in the fingers". This launched the mightiest flame-war Guitarsite had:

leading onto the thread "Bassleft is a big bollock" and spreading, like bird 'flu, onto others. Lee and I nearly lost the will to live. If you guys have a big coffee machine right next to your PC, click on the link. In a masochistic sort of way, it's quite funny to re-read.

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