Pedals and effects consoles for a budget beginner

Looking for opinions and help on pedals and effects

I just got my first electric rig, LP knockoff ,dual humbuckers, and a 30W H&K amp-asking for opinions on some budget pedals to consider for my first one? Any help out there on this subject? Thanks[/list]

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Hello USG and welcome to G-site. What type of music do you play? It affects recommendations.

I play worship with the church band-rock and rool for personal entertainment and I am trying to learn to play the blues passably., also mild interest in country rock,american folk ie: dylan excetera, not haed banger but the classic rock styles, driving beat rythmic, right now I consider myself more of a ryhtim player than a soloist, would like to learn more skills in that area though.

If it's not going to get chucked around in a van and stepped on every night, the Zooms are quite passable at low prices. There's a bunch of FX to try if you're wondering how they sound. If you're more keen on "modelling" certain tones rather than adding chorus, flange etc, then the modellers range from the ubiquitous Line 6 pods to the much cheaper Behringers. Behringer seem to be good VFM. Member Bob Houlston, who teaches guitar, has a high opinion of their products.

Behringer stomp boxes, some are good and some not so good as with most effects, 2 i use in my setup are Blues Overdrive BO100

and the excellent Ultra Tremelo UT100

my next purchase is going to be the Preamp Booster, which kind of works like a volume pedal, but has some tonal variation built in.

they cost £15 each probably the cheapest on the planet!!

But not all in the range are as good, ive seen some bad reveiws on a lot of these pedals, i suppose you have to try them out yourself.

I really appreciate hearing others opinions about gear and what not--does anybody out there have any experience with the digitech multieffects units?-I began considering the RP80 the cost seems reasonable and despite what I read with a lot of differing votes about it-it seems to provide much of what I would want-I was particularly interested in the drum machine feature-as I spend most of My time with My guitar practicing alone.

Not tried that one, have you considered the Line 6 Guitar port?
I use mine quite a lot, it connects your guitar to your PC, and you play through your PC speakers or headphones, it has all the Line6 sofware amp sims and guitar effects on the screen, and if you subscribe to the website you get excellent guitar lessons and play along backing track downloads.
I paid £80 for mine.

My guitarist has a Digitech RP300, and to be honest, I'm really not that impressed. I only fiddle with it occasionally but the effects seem very 'processed' if that makes sense. Of more concern, the volume/wah sweep-pedal is not good at all, he normally practices on his acoustic and hasn't gigged the pedal so really has had a cushy life but already it seems to be dying, the Wah for example now acts like more of an on/off switch than a sweep-through, all variation is within 5 degrees somewhere around half-way.

My completely personal op, if you have a passable amp, is to go for seperate effects not a least if you have 2 or 3 pedals you know what all your knobs/switches do. I only know one person who's explored all the dephs of his multi (a GT6), and he does it for a living.

Budget wise the initial outlay is more but if you get a nice overdrive, fiddle with that for a couple months whilst learning to play more, and just build it up as and when you can I think the final result will be much better and more personalised...As I said, just my op.

Those digitech suck. Save up for a Line 6 pod. Probably find one on ebay for $190.
Don't get GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) because those afflicted wind up turning knobs all day long instead of playing.

where is my aviator?

Probably sat in your plane.

Sorry I couldn't resist, I did try!

I used to use a Bass Pod, again not that impressed, great for recording by all accounts but that wasn't my main concern. I know effects are more important to you guitarists though and the Pod is a good one if you want a multi. A bit costly though unless your sure its right for you.


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