Andys Guitars , 27 Denmark st. London WC2H 8NJ WARNING!!!!

Just a quick word of WARNING, anyone contemplating selling musical equipment through this shop should beware, i sold a VOX AC30 TBX on Feb 16th and still havent got my money, i was supposed to get £650 and when i call him i get the old 'cheque in the post' quote.
I have spoken to his Accounts dept. and his shop staff, and they all mug me off with the same story.

I am starting court proceedings against him next week.

So Beware: Andys Guitars , 27 Denmark st, London WC2H 8NJ .

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Also known as Andy's Guitar or Andy's Guitars of 27 Denmark St London WC2H 8NJ.

Blimey! I always thought they had quite some reputation to uphold.

Like trying to get blood out of a stone, every time i call they say, 'oh is that the Status Quo AC30?' i say no, its not, its the proper AC30 the reissue with Blue Alnicos.

Anyway remember it is :

Andys guitars or Andy's Guitars
of 27 Denmark st. London WC2H 8NJ

but not Andies guitars

I know the shop you mean. It's always got guitars with scary price tags in the windows.

Thats the place, lots of celebrity buyers, but then i think that has to do with location rather than service.
Andys dont pay, dont go there.

Watch out for him.

Now have the 'Cheques' for the amp, (£325 each) one dated for today and one for 10 days time, took me 7 weeks to get my money!!
so in my book, he's still a S***bag.

yeah considering they would have made at least £500 on the resale , the customer service was pretty much as you may expect !!!

they are all a bunch of wannabe posers !!!

Just a follow up.
Both cheques 'Bounced' so i got back on to him,
Drove down to Denmark St, went to his shop and told him i was going to take one of his guitars from the wall if i did'nt get my money, in the end i had to settle for all the cash in the till, £100, and 2 further cheques for the difference, and he gave me an extra £20 to cover my fees getting to his shop.
The both cleared in my account 2 weeks ago.
So it took over 4 months to get my money.
While i was in Denmark St ( a street in London historicaly devouted to guitars, still has over 10 shops in the street) i went in to a shop and saw a 1974 Hiwatt DR103 100 watt custom head, for £1,100!!
I got a 1973 DR103 model from my old bass player for nothing, it needed a few quid spending on it to bring it up to scratch, but it was well worth it, i gig with it all the time.
I do love bass players. :lol:

Glad to see you finally got your money mate. Four months is just way too long.

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