Andys Guitars , 27 Denmark st. London WC2H 8NJ WARNING!!!!

Just a quick word of WARNING, anyone contemplating selling musical equipment through this shop should beware, i sold a VOX AC30 TBX on Feb 16th and still havent got my money, i was supposed to get £650 and when i call him i get the old 'cheque in the post' quote.
I have spoken to his Accounts dept. and his shop staff, and they all mug me off with the same story.

I am starting court proceedings against him next week.

So Beware: Andys Guitars , 27 Denmark st, London WC2H 8NJ .

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I would seriously beware some of the Tin Pan Alley (Denmark St) shops and amps. They're waking up to valve amps = serious money but, IMO, I'm not sure they have the expertise. I've seen some real cackola on ebay with fantasy prices that I can link to some of these places.

Nobody pays the silly money asked, so they end up with a cashflow problem. I'm not making myself out to be some mega-expert, but feel free to post up here on guitarsite if an amp tempts you and you wonder if it's reasonable money. I'll happily post an op.

Regrettably, I too have fallen into this trap. Andy Preston's shop sold a guitar for me more than nine months ago and I still haven't received payment, in spite of phone calls, emails, Recorded Delivery letters etc. (and promises from him that he'd mail the payment 'immediately'). Trading Standards have phoned him, written to him (letter ignored) and sent a Trading Standards Officer round to see him in his shop (he again promised to send a cheque 'immediately'), but with no result.

The Registry Trust says he currently has more than £11,000 of unpaid CCJs outstanding against his name. Looks like I'll only get my money back by sending in the bailiffs.

Not happy about this situation at all.

Like Lee says, BEWARE of Andy's.

The only way is to go to his shop yourself and get right in his face like i did.
I was going to take one of his guitars off the wall and walk out with it.
He knew i wasn't going anywhere so he gave me all the cash in the till, and
2 cheques and he gave me an extra £10 for my petrol and parking.
Both cheques cashed OK, but i would never sell my gear through him again.

i sold him a 78' custom telecaster for almost £2k, in august of last year!
he still owes me half of that.after going down there twice to pick up cash.

i called everyday for the last 10 months.hes a compleat tosser and a crook.

he's now gone bankrupt...anyone got any advice?

Can't you just get down there and grab a guitar off the wall? You're entitled.

I got this PM from another poor sod who trusted this crook, im sure he won't mind me posting it up, this is a cut and paste from my personal message:

'Hi Lee, I gave andys a guitar to sell and he now owes me £1,300. After 24 calls none of which was returned, and 2 months, I went into the shop only to find he'd gone, leaving a cheque with an old collegue (Dave) who said can you leave it a week before presenting it. I did this and just got it back from the bank saying that Andys had stopped it! I was just going to ask for some advice before I decide what to do. You mentioned that you accepted 100 plus 2 cheques, but how did you know they wouldnt bounce? As Im owed a lot more, maybe I should take a guitar off the wall? But I ve checked with a solicitor and that would still be classed as theft. what do you reckon. Did he offer you the cheques with a guarantee card? Id Appreciate your opinion before I sort him out one way or another! Cheers mark [email protected] '

Theft for taking back what he owes? i guess it could be a sale or return guitar, somebody else's property, it's a shame because Andy does genuinely have a good reputation, his shop has been trading for decades, he has loads of pictures on the walls of people he has dealt with, i originally posted my 'Beware' thread in hope that someone might Google 'Andy's guitars' and see a link to guitarsite with the warning before trading with him, I hope you all get your money back, when you say he is bankrupt do you mean the shop is closed?? ceased trading?

yeah,the shop closed in june and the phone number nolonger exists.i do have his mobile,which he used to awnser!

the only thing now is to take legal action.

Wonder what happened to all those vintage guitars? he had hundreds in their.

Anyone watch 'Fonejacker' on ch 4 this week? Andy of Andys guitars was on the programme, being setup with a phonejack.

this months 'Guitarist' magazine has an article on the now dead parrot AKA andy's guitar shop, so if anyone wants to reminisce, im just glad i got my money out of him before it sunk with all hands.

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