Now, this was a bargain

I don't want to make a habit of doing "Look at this eBay auction" posts, but this was a good score for £335. The Marshall DBS (Dynamic Bass System) really impressed me when I tried one out back in the '90s. Then, I was a stringer for Making Music and I urged the bass-playing Deputy Ed to review it. The twin preamps (one 12AX7 driven, the other solid-state) and, especially, the blend feature, really works. It's something Ashdown do now with their Evo MAG series.

400W amp with a good 4x10" and 1x15" for £335? Sounds good to me; local, too. Unfortunately, I don't do the sort of gigs to justify carting a big stack around these days. If you see one going your way at this sort of price, take it from me; money well spent.

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That does look like a very sweet deal, 4x10 + 1x15 is pretty much what I fancy (you'll have to excuse my ignorance on the head side of things, money, or lack of...) I always find it strange when bassists use 4x10s exclusively (although Duff McKagen seems to and he's a long-time hero, although I think a lot of that is attitude and style, not sound) I want to feel a bass kicking me in the stomach more than hearing a slight adjustment in the angle of attack, punch is good but I want some serious shifting of air to!

I know what you mean, Tim, although the head is the star over the cabs, IMHO. I've played with just 2x10" (there's a long, boring, story about why the Ampeg 8x10 works) because it's easy enough these days to get 10" drivers to handle 30Hz or so. They certainly have a snap to them and, at the price of that stack, the 15" was always there for pose value and intestine-churning.

Back to the head, though. I'm a confirmed all-valve amp user but today I went to see a production of "Annie". You know the one; ginger-bint gets rich bloke to adopt her. Anyhoo, I was listening to the bass in the pit (Fender headstock was all I could see) and it was that typical, SS, neutral sound. It did cross my mind that none of my amps can do that (I hate DI into the desk) but something like the DBS - with a twist of the knob - could. Turn it the other way, and I'd be back to what is 90+% the valve sound I know and love. Very versatile heads.

I'm sure your right about the 8x10, however, I once had to play through our usual gigging PA but connected to a pair of Bose blah-de-blahs which seemed to comprise of 16 tweeters and a computer that made them produce bass didn't, they got sold.

I'd love to experiment with heads more, everything you say about valve heads convinces me more, but its always been a financial thing. I never really minded plugging straight into the backline as long as we knew the engineer and he knew our music. That said, this wasn't stuff I had written myself and the guy I played for loved the 'Bass Pod', had it been my own material I may have been pickier?!

8) That is a good by. You should try my old SVT my man. 8 10's and tube power-------- Have Mercy !!! 8)

That's God's Own Bass Backline, Boogieman :)

As soon as you want to sell the SVT and 8x10" for £335, let me know before everyone pulls your arm off. Heck, the head alone would be a steal at that price. What do you use the rig for? Gigs only, gigs + rehearsals? If you have any pic, that'd be welcome, too :D

8) Yep, I've been playing loud Blues-Rock for 40 years and I have not found anything better than my original 51 P Bass and Ampeg SVT's. It does work well for the style I play. 8)

8) Just wanted to mention that some of the Marshall stuff does sound cool. Several years ago I used a 200 watt Marshall Major through a Energy Group 2-15 cab. Got the tone that makes the ladies swoon !! 8)

Boogieman, that's a great combination. I love the old '51P pup and managed to pick one up. It's meant to go in a self-build when I pull my finger out. You've also inspired me to do a new thread; watch this sub-cat.

Tim, a thought occurs to me. I'll be heading to Barnsley soon to pick up a Marshall Master PA on behalf of a friend of mine in the USA. If we could meet up, why don't I drop you off a head of mine? I've got enough of the things lying around. The obvious one is the old Laney. It's biased way too cold so it breaks up more quickly (and not that nicely) than it should, but it gives you a very good idea of how things would be up to rehearsal volume. I'm not in any hurry to get it back and I'd rather it were used than sitting in my understairs cupboard (filter capacitors start to dry out if not used regularly). Let me know if you'd be interested.

Really, really appreciate the offer 1bl but unfortunatly I don't have a cab either having always played through the combo :cry: My gear is also currently set up in a 8'x12' room, so not much space! Thank you very much though!


8) Wait !! A Bass man without a cabinet ?? Maybe we should get together and send him one !! 8)

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