help choosing a couple of mics

does anyone have suggestion on buying a couple of mics for home recording,for miking a small guitar amp and one for miking a small room.i am starting to gather a few things so i can record a few things at home.thanks for the help 8)forgot to mention i don't want to break th e bank

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I recorded in a studio last month and they mic'd me and the other guitarist up with Shure SM57's, he used all sorts of wierd and wonderful mic's on the drum kit, an we got a pair of old Shures.
I dont think they will break the bank, have a look on Ebay.

thanks lee i'll have a look

See if you can pick up a Realistic Pressure Zone Mic (PZM). There's still one or two to be had on eBay.

Could not agree more with those suggns. The SM57 is a terrifically transparent dynamic mike for guitar amps and the Tandy/Realistic/Radioshack PZM is one of the great "ambience" mikes when attached to a wall. If you can't affordenough SM57s, the Peavey PV-i is an extremely good cheapy all-rounder.

I have a PV-1 - is that the same thing? It was basically a SM-57 copy.

thanks for the reply's excellent choices right in my budget range

I have a PV-1 - is that the same thing? It was basically a SM-57 copy

Whoo, glw. You had me (unsuccessfully) trawling back through my Making Music back copies. IIRC, the PV-i and PV1 were similar looking, blackened SM58 lookylikees. Both useful, but the PV-i was about £25 back in the early '90s. Only double the price of a gawdawful bingo-caller's Tandy shop item, but streets ahead. The PV1 was more like £50 and just wasn't twice as good.

I think I still use a PV-i for my own, "whoop whoop shebaab-baab lemalem" backing vox. The main voxman, I warned him, not to just settle for a SM58. He went for an AKG thing; can't remember the model number, but it whipped the 58. AKG D300s? Something like that. I also had a SM55 - "Buddy Holly - Good Morning Vietnam" stylee. Very cool looking for b vox (although photos made me look like like Hannibal Lector) and it also did a capable job of recording kick drum and bass speaker.

I'm not very "up" on modern dynamic mikes. What are the good buys these days, anyone?

I always had good luck with the audio technica and shure mics---new should run about $100 US plus or minus.

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