Easter message


Take care if your driving and what not over Easter. If you have time off work, have a great break. Holidaying? See ya when your back.

- Michael

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I'm looking after my niece and nephew this Easter. My nephew is keen on music, already plays the drums, but wants to play guitar too. Problem is, he has no idea and just bashes away on it. Last time I saw him I gave him my old baritone ukulele (tuned like the first 4 strings of the guitar) and I had him playing a bunch of chords in half an hour! I think this time, I'll take my uke with me and teach him some more.

Mould his young mind while you still have time.

Hope yas all had a good time off. I know I did, doing absolutely nothing.

1Bass is of course currently flying his Learjet over some Mediterranean island. He'll return soon enough, but I'll keep an eye on the bass forum.

GLW - seeing as you have now reached a grand 500 + posts, you can add your own square colours and slogan. Let me know if you'd like one.

I'm back and I want to stop this idea that I have a Lear Jet. It's invariably a 737 and, this time, was painted Stelios-Orange :lol:

On the subject of colours, let me also add congrats to glw on the demi-mille. The latest "square colours" are hearing aid beige and varicose vein blue if you're interested.

I had a good Easter in the Med, BTW :)

(ps, what comes after "Lead Virtuoso"? Do we have to keep up with the Mike-ramblings to find out what we'd've got ordinarily?)


Actually GL hasn't got back to me yet - most likely because he hasn't checked the thread again - because who couldn't resist new squares?

Glad you had a good time.

LV is the highest, but I'm open to suggestions.

I'd suggest, when your next square lights up, Mike, "Guitar God".

I haven't thunk about the last one. Maybe "Excessive noodler"

Spandex Warrior

:lol: . Atchly; maybe the last one should be reserved for "...is God"

You remember those "Clapton is God" badges? Well, perhaps the 5000+ posters should have their s/n then, underneath, the legend "is God". eg,

is God

Something to aim for... :lol:

But as soon as you get two gods someones gonna want one up.

Blimey! Only just seen this!

Could I have Antigua coloured squares please? I know how you guys love that Antigua!

As for a legend, I'll have to think about that. I'll get back to you!

:lol: , don't think we can do Antigua squares, glw. Promise you this, though:

as a 20-a-day man, I'll just cough on the screen as soon as I see your post. Looks much the same :wink: Congrats again on the upgrade :D

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