Hohner tele prinz guitar

Okay, now I know this has been a topic before so it may be difficult but can anybody help me out in finding a Hohner "the Prinz" guitar?
I've been tryin to find one to purchase for quite a while now so if anyone can help me on this mission it would be greatly appreciated.


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Save a search on eBay for Hohner (Prince, Prinz, Tele*) and get it to email you whenever there are new items. Try searching internationally while you are at it.

And found lots of threads but no items--one discussion mentioned that the were expensive, my question is why would you pay a lot for a "tele" knock off instead of buying a fender?

my question is why would you pay a lot for a "tele" knock off instead of buying a fender? [/]

Well I don't think just because its a knock off neccessarily makes it a lesser guitar. I mean, it's all about the sound that attracts you right? I'm also a huge prince fan so It's hard to resist. I also heard they were getting more expensive which is a turn off but I suppose that depends on how expensive we're talkin'. Plus I know it's a pretty rare guitar, if I wanted any ol' tele then It wouldn't really be much of ordeal. I've heard good things and bad about the Hohner tele but I'm all ears to anyone that has an opinion (from experience) about the Hohner tele so post away.

oh and thanks so far for the suggestions on how to go about finding one.

It wasn't just a Fender knock-off though, was it? It was obviously based on the Fender Tele, but the cosmetics (wood, binding, stripe down the middle, tortoiseshell scratchplate, etc) were all original features.

I seem to remember there were actually two models. The original ones which Prince used and which had a Fender Tele style headstock, and a later re-design which was actually badged "Prinz" but had a few modifications such as a redesigned headstock. I think it's the earlier guitars that are more desireable.

Actually, having done some more homework, I think it's more complicated than that. I now believe there were THREE different guitars.

There was the original which wasn't called Princz anything because Hohner hadn't started using his connection as part of the marketing back then. Then there's THE PRINZ which I believe has a more Fender-style neck, and the TE PRINZ which is a more budget-styled instrument, and has a non-Fender style neck.

The bodies were maple, with a centre stripe of mahogony.


Ok, there is a few different versions of this guitar: There's the original make by Hohner, one called "the Prinz" and another labeled "Te Prinz" or "Prinz Te". Can anyone tell me what the original model is called? ya' know, before Hohner started using Prince's name for marketing er whatever. I'd like to know what to search for without using any association to Prince.


The search I gave already above:

Hohner (Prince, Prinz, Tele*)

should find everything of relevance when used searching on eBay - just be aware of what regions you are searching. You might want to make it a global search.

I agree with glw's suggestion to do a search like that on eBay, then save it as a favourite; getting them to email you when new listings come up. It's invaluable for the more obscure items.

On another note, there is a good reason for the change of headstock. Sometime in the '90s, Fender managed to get the actual shape of the Strat and Tele headstocks registered as a trademark. Any subsequent copies had to do something different. I've noticed that not-so-great guitars can fetch higher than you'd expect prices; probably because of the headstock looking like a Fender.

cool! thanks for the heads up.

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