Should I close the back of my Peavey XXX combo amp?

I got a Peavey 112 all tube combo amp and I read that if I close off the back, and add a little radio shack fan, it will sound a lot different. I'm sure this voids the warrenty.

I'm going for that old school metallica sound.

Would this add more bass?
Would this sweaten up the mids?

I have a Celestion G12M 70 Modern Lead speaker in there.

Thanks for your feedback

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I think you want to close the speaker side of the cab, rather than the whole amp, but the amps only ventilation is through the open back, Thats the problem with combo's, it's not easy to close the back.
Why don't you get your self a 2x12 Marshall cab or a 1x12 and run your speaker connection to it from the amp?
The Marshall 2x12 is closed back and you can mix your speakers in the cab, maybe try a couple of Vintage 30's?
Closing the back on the 112 would be a bad idea, it would get pretty hot in there, and if the fan failed...
By the way the Peavey 112 bandit is one of the most reliable gigging amps ever built, good choice.

Thanks for the feedback. I will NOT close it up. It's a Peavey XXX 60watt combo not a bandit, Lee from the UK.

I had a Soldano Hot Rod 50 a couple years ago and I would love to compare the 2 side by side.

I think a little bit of the High End is missing on the XXX ? Due to the fact that it doesn't have a treble knob.

Sorry 4 notes, i thought all the 112 peavey range were 'Bandits'.
My mix up.

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