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Found the blog you referenced when surfing for Nagoya guitar info. Very interesting!!! I particularly liked this, and wonder how much is fact:

"All Suzuki's have had a fairly good-to-excellent reputation and some models are very collectable; one reason is the quality of wood and workmanship; there is also a history of copying from the venerable Martin company, which folklore says resulted in a lawsuit by Martin in the 1970's."

One of my best friends in the 70s bought a D-28 for a pretty penny. A couple months later I bought a Nagoya N-35 for

Well, signing off - thanks for the tip!


Yamaha classical - Yammi ;-)
Takamine 91-Limited Ed. - Jessica
Tak TAN15C - "cool tube" Luke
Little Martin - Marty
Nagoya N-12-23... *

*Name that guitar

Thanks for the story. And as far as the 'lawsuit'...I'm only repeating what I've read in a couple of different other replies; here and in harmony-central I believe.

I've tried writing the Suzuki co. for info but they haven't responded, and I tried writing a guitar-nut in Japan who seemed to know a lot about Japanese guitars, but he hasn't replied. I'm still waiting....

As far as the rosewood - solid or veneer - it doesn't seem most were solid, but the sound from many Suzuki's is excellent. Good tops and bracing probably.

I know what you mean about the one that got away...has happened to me too.


Thanks to both of you for your contributions. We're often asked for info on acoustics here at Guitarsite and this thread will be a great help, guys.

Hi, I own a Suzuki classic guitar (or do you say "spanish" in english? the ones with 3 nylon strings), and it sound really good. Everyone who tried it was surprised. If it be of some interest, I'll try to send more information or pictures.

I think you'll find that ALL six strings are nylon. The three bass strings are wound with wire - the core is still nylon - and you should never confuse these with steel strings.

You see people say this kind of thing all the time, especially on eBay, e.g. "three nylon strings and three steel strings".

Don't EVER put steel strings on a classical or spanish guitar! The whole guitar could implode under the tension.

never had to think about it because I always buy classical guitar string sets... thanks for your post though, I know something I did not know before! I won't mess everything up by mistake now... :)

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