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As most of you probably noticed, the forum was down for a period of time. The issue has been fixed thanks to Jason and everything should be running just the way it was.

This sorta thing happens, but never the less, sorry for the stuff up ! :?

- Michael

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Michael, you're forgiven from this quarter at least :wink: . Terrible to get a "topic reply notification" mail and not know what peeps had said about me, but I lived.

Worse, though, my lappy is now making me sign in before every post. Is this a temporary problem with my setup, or am I marked for special discouragement? "Crikey, it's that cack-handed 4-stringer! Try and stop him posting - even if you have to pull the site down for maintenance"

Now... would we really tell you if you were marked :D

ummm the sign in issue... I've read about it happening... let me try and find out a solution.

in the meantime try deleting any cookies for here and logging in all fresh. Might not help but ya never do know.

Michael, don't spend too much head-scratch on my sorry little surfing. I have attracted the "search viagra" popup types, despite never visiting "" For this reason, I don't keep login details on my HD.

FWIW, I get some awful days with the Fleeb; I have to sign in every time I 'watch' an item. I could've had one of Jimi's left-handed plectra for just £12,000 otherwise :wink: . Plexi Palace is never a prob, just click and type.

Guitarsite used to be OK once I logged in for the evening. Since the enforced offline, I've now had the login prob. I've just had to login to type this latest message. Some might think this barrier is a good thing :)

haha ....

Is it making you login everytime you try to post a new topic or reply... say within 5 mins of each other and you havent left the site? Or only after you have left the site it makes you do it again?

I was going to say "only this topic". Both the Stagg thread and this one have allowed a post with no drama. Unless others pipe up with probs, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Thanks for the concern, though, I'm feeling quite emotional - might do one of those "Oscar speeches" :D

Forgive me if I "pad" a little. I think it was just a temp glitch and everything seems normal now. Darned laptops - never had this with the big boxes. Beige - that's a proper colour for computers. Never had this sort of trouble with beige.

I'll be expecting some big tear inducing speeches when yas start getting the 150 + plus rankings :)

Lees not far off his next ranking I believe.

Maybe even at 200 plus posts you can pick your own ranking ! we'll see.

But im straying... if that login issue does continue let me know.

Michael, the only prob left is that my screen says "ranking" when you refer to me and Lee trying to get to 200+. Surely you mean w.......? :twisted:

I don't get you?

Edit: ah haha... I'm slow today... this V energy driunk I had for breakfast obviously did not work :)

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