The Quintessential Guitar Song

Is quintessential the right word?

What song/piece of music do you think sums up the guitar? For example, if aliens came to earth and wanted to hear just one song to represent the guitar, what would it be? And I don't know why aliens would ask that, but if they did.

Hard I know, but imposible?

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Not the most original choice, I know, but I'd probably choose "All Along The Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix. It's a pretty good showcase having acoustic guitars, electric, a little bit of slide and some nice wah wah work.

Michael Angelo Batio's 42 Inches of Sweat, Love and Tears

"Watchtower" may just infect those aliens with Bob Dylan's nasal problems, though. Might wipe them all out as they mistake a harmonica for some sort of mechanical antihistamine.

I'd probably give the little green dweebs a compilation album; "Now That's What I Call Earth Guitar Music 1"

Featuring "Kashmir" (yep, Page isn't a great soloer but it's a good riff), Kinks "You Really Got Me", and Editors "Munich" amongst other things.

Disagree all you like; the Dweebs might just pick me as Leader of the Free World as that other bloke :lol:

That's cheating! I thought it was supposed to be one sone, not a whole album!

Yeah, it is just one song.

Bah, goalpost-moving mod types :lol: . "Name one song" type of threads are always difficult to answer. I shall have a thunk... :)

'Baker Street' by Gerry Raferty.

It's all sax.

Give it a play Mike, it says it all.

I don't have Gerry at work.

Honourable Mention for one C. Frogetty with Axel F.

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