Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" Tele on eBay!


"This guitar is the original 1967 Fender Telecaster used by Mike Oldfield and was the only electric guitar sound source on his breakthrough Tubular Bells debut LP.

The guitar was formerly owned by Marc Bolan, it was originally white, has had refins and was then stripped to natural.

The middle pickup is a Bill Lawrence, routed and fitted by Mike Oldfield and his father in their garden shed."

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The pup alignment a bit unusual for a tele?-btw I can't get to E-Bay from work so am not able to watch auction items-thanks for the post of it rather than just the link. Scott

glw, I just edited your post to make the Fleeb-link work - hope you don't mind the intrusion. £4000+ and still "reserve not met"? :shock: Sorry, I'm folding....

Even without the value of a 67 tele considered, I suspect they have at least 5000 grand of 'Oldfield Value' to meet first.

I have a bra belonging to Sally Oldfield, slightly modified. Still has the original pegs from the washing line...

I do tire, slightly, of these "as played by" auctions and barking starting prices. That's definitely not a 4k+ guitar. I shall kiss the bootiyacks of the winning bidder that proves me wrong... :shock:

2 grand alone for the guitar. 4 (maybe 3) grand for oldfield. it's a 6K auction. I'll bet my 8) coolness on it.

:shock: , giving you an escape route, Mike. This is Pounds Sterling; "I promise to pay the bearer on demand, the sum of..." stuff. It's even got Lizzie's head on it and she's just turned 80. None of that Dollar paper that the rest of the world scrapes by on :lol: :lol:

If it clears £6000 I shall pleasure your genitalia and whistle "Waltzing Matilda" at the same time. Oh, and I know what your eBay s/n is - so don't start bidding up the Tele, you sick pervy :lol:

Hah, well yeah, I meant 6000 as "world wide currency" figure, be it pounds, yen or clams. I won't need an escape route or fake bids for this baby to reach that.

...and Marc Bolan owned it too! Come on, don't forget Mark Bolan.

It's cleared £6000 (and still not met reserve, :shock: ).

OK Mike, I have to service your genitalia. Do you prefer me to brush my teeth before, after or during :?: :oops: :cry:

:lol: This was the only time I ever hoped I lost the bet :P

And like GLW said, Marc Bolan too. It's a freakin cornucopia of talent.

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