Anyone ever heard of a Hohn guitar?

Hi all! This is my first post and it is in regard to a guitar that I recently came across. It is called a Hohn guitar, it is made in Japan and is a semi hollowbody electric guitar that looks like an Epiphone Casino. The owner says he bought it in the early 70's. It is a cool looking and pretty nice sounding guitar, but I havent been able to find ONE thing anywhere on this guitar. Help!!!

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Are you sure the 'er' didnt fall off the end of it?
there are a lot of late 70's early 80's jap Hohner guitars, but ive never heard of Hohn.

The first thing I thought was Hohner but the logo looked complete? Although I didnt know Hohners were made in Japan? I looked at it hard, it didnt look like the "er" was missing? Maybe this willl help...there were notes (musical notes) sort of infused above the "Hohn" on the headstock logo.

After a bit of googling I found this - at the bottom is a 1970 HOHN

Thats it! Its funny, I googled it and came up with nothing..and I have been to that page a few times in the past. Thanks! I am guessing that its not worth a whole lot of money...even though it is a wicked cool guitar. What do you think?

Well done Michael, i see also they have my guitar there, its the 70's Tokai LP in sunburst, mine is the 79' reborn, and like they say it is a great player, although im going to change the pickups for a pair of pearly gates.


I found one for sale and wonder how much are they worth? Are they good? Any info will help.

I´ve just got one!!

Hi !! I know this is an old post, but I just got one of that guitars !! Can anyone help me find more info about it ?? I am in Mexico, and the Hohn guitar is in process to be restored.

I have one too!

I realize this is an old post as well, if anyone has found d any information and could pass it along that would be much appreciated. I have one of these guitars in blue and am very curious about it!

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