Shock Horror! Finnish band LORDI win Eurovision Song Contest

Blimey! The monsters from Finland won!

Yeah, I know they're "pantomime rock" but doesn't this tell you something? The tide has turned and what people want is ROCK MUSIC! I personally think it's brilliant!

What's the bet's that next year we see a whole bunch of rock bands in the Eurovision song contest?

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Good lordi! hah

I need to hear them, but I couldn't see any samples on their website.

10 points for presentation alone.

As ever, the BBC comes to the rescue. The video-promo can be viewed here:

Smells like Spleen-Spirit to me, but I had it down as a likely winner. Mrs Bass is a total Euro-mongrel and forces me to sit and watch the darned thing every year.

While you're at it, check out Croatia's entry:

Their entrant, "Severina", harks back to the good old days of Eurovision when songs were barking and the lyrics plain mental. I hate to fill up bandwidth, but in this case I really must. Here come the (English translation) lyrics to Croatia's "My High Heel"

For the grass has not yet sprouted
Where my high heel has trodden
(Speech: Come, come, come, come, hop, hop, hop, hop, come on, my chicken)

Tick-tock 'round half past two
You shall pinch me, but noone will see
I know well guys like you
The devils are your godfathers

Ring, ring, you shall ask for my number
Knock, knock, go and knock on some other girl's door

Sojka, girlie, do put on your little socks
For the grass has not yet sprouted
Where my high heel has trodden
Oy da da oy da oy da da da
Oy da da oy da
My high heel
(Speech: Sije sete, sije oto, sije nove, sije mine and again, baby, s s s seks, hop, hop, ring ring)

Tick-tock 'round half past two
You will nibble me, but noone will see
Golden ring, thin mustache
I know well guys like you

Ring, ring, you shall ask for my number
Shoo, shoo, go and run to some other girl
Sojka, girlie, do put on your little socks

For the grass has not yet sprouted
Where my high heel has trodden
Oy da da oy da oy da da da
Oy da da oy da

It's the "come on my chicken" bit that bothers me. Not only is it unhygienic and probably illegal, but it certainly impairs the flavour.

haha you are right Croatia had it all over the others, well the 2 i've seen.

Thanks for the video links.

Seriously, Denmark is my fav so far. Still a lot of videos to get through.

Perhaps we could call this the "Best Finnish" thread, while Lee's still on holiday and can't whinge about copyright?

Comic book guy: "Best pun ever"

Speaking of Lee, I was contemplating changing his avatar whilst gone. Who on earth to but!

Germany's performance through me right off. It was too, I dunno, Hans Gruber doing a Yank accent in Die Hard.. And I know I keep using him as an example when ever Germany comes up, but it was.

Michael, as an Australian, if you don't soon post a "I have finished watching Eurovision Contestant's videos" reply soon, I shall have to send the dog-pound-catchers after you :lol: .

There are some nuggets of gold (well, iron pyrites) in the pans of shi'ite, but you'll have to make me type my ops, people... :P

Oh haha, I got sick of them around Greece, or thereabouts.

I love the concept of Eurovision, and am right behind it, whatever it is, but I just cannot stomach 5 Hours of it.

Atchly, Greece had a good song, in a Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes" style, but she flunked it on the night.

The concept is (especially nowadays) quite simple.

1) Present really quite crappy song.
2) Rely on politically-orientated votes to carry you.
eg, Latvia votes for Estonia, Lithuania and Russia. Vice versa, etc. Cyprus votes for Greece and vice versa. Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia swap votes.
3) Watch Britain, France and Germany present really crappy songs. They have no mates, so they do really badly. In fact, they don't even pretend to try. Britain, for example, has a habit of producing worldwide megasellers on the singles and album charts but (when it comes to Eurovision) manages to find an unknown, fat bloke to represent them.

As it happens, I liked the French song (not on the night; fluffed it again), especially the chorus. But I'm a bit Francophile like that. I think they amassed cinque points

Yeah, I think Mrs 1Bass may have... fogged your judgement... on the French choice. :)

I was totally unfogged that night :wink: . "Il etait temps" had a chorus melody that I liked, in its typically Gallic way. Probably a bit too formulaic from our "du vin, du pain, du Boursin" chums, but I liked the lilt anyway.

Interestingly, the UK voted highest points to The Orcs from Finland, then Lithuania's "We are the Winners" nerdmix of The Hives vs Maximo Park. To me, it proves that all our grannies are dead and Eurovision is now watched by undergraduates whose exams are at least a few days off :wink:

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