Build your own "Most Tragic Band Ever"

Vocals: Dan Fogelberg
Backing Vocals: Corey Feldman
Guitar: Paul Reynolds from Flock of Seagulls
Synth: Aaron Neville as himself
Drums: Larry Mullen from U2
Bass: Bobby Dall from Poison

Band name: Aaroncadabra and the Magic Happens

Alterations may be needed still.

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:shock: ,

Bit different from my "nightmare" band. Larry Mullen jr is a perfectly decent drummer, IMHO, and Flock of Seagulls owed the success they had to (apart from a haircut) Reynold's guitar riffs.

Can anyone top Milli Vanilli for vocals and Andrew Ridgely for guitar? We're forming a supergroup here... :lol:

Oh, backing vox...

The girl from "Black Box" who (erm) sang "Ride on Time". "Thighs and Mime", as I called it.

I have issues with U2.

And hey, at the end of the day, we can vote on the truely worst. Im sure Milli Vanilli will take part.

Doesn't everyone have issues with U2? :lol: "Most pompous arse of a gobshiting singer" has to be a locked-thread.

Atchley, I started to wonder if "most tragic" was meant to be taken literally; as you'd selected some emotional basket-cases. Except the Mullen. Shedloads of money, nice houses, even kept his looks when the rest of the band descended into squathouse squalor. The only suffering Larry's put up with is calling himself "Jr" so he's not confused with his dad. Wonder what his dad's so famous for that U2's drummer has to name himself "Jr"?

Offer me up a replacement drummer.

Sounds like someone has a bone for bono. :)

Meg "oops, my kit fell down the stairs while the tape was running" White springs to mind. Much as I like the band, and I have a feeling that a decent drummer would've spoiled it all.

Never. I've fancied her ever since I found out there was never an incestual relationship between her and Jack.

And Jack's real surname isn't White and... and... I lose count of it all.

Oh, and despite that fringe of hers, she isn't "special needs", either.

Has to be "This Is Spinal Tap"--I mean look at whats happens to guys who play with them?

I'd like to see a band comprised of:

Bez, from the Happy Mondays
Andrew Ridgely of Wham
The bald mime artist fellow who used to accompany Howard Jones
Adrian Wright, who used to be the slide projectionist for the Human League

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