My guitar is NOT a gun...

Just letting off some steam about THOSE TWATS AT EBAY!!!!!

Those stupid fools over at eBay have censored my listing for a Fernandes Revolver Pro electric guitar because they think it's some kind of fire-arm, and now the listing won't show up on any searches.

I've removed all the offending words (i.e. "Revolver") but it's still not working. Does anyone have any tips as to what I could do to fix this? (Yes, I have tried contacting them... Guess what? No reply.)

That listing cost me over £6 in fees. And if I cancel it I still have to pay the fees. I'm absolutely furious about this. Six quid for a listing that nobody can see!

I'm not having a good day today. The telly exploded this afternoon, so now I'm going to have to shell out for a new one.

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OK, it's showing up now... eventually!

:roll: :lol: . They're clever boys, aren't they? Must be murder trying to sell Beatles albums. Do you have to call "Revolver" the "R" album? I suppose you could call "Rubber Soul" by the name "R Soul", in honour of the eBay watchdog.

Atleast we know why you couldn't sell any ofyour Magnum P.I shirts now 1b.

I would have been mega pissed to GLW. It shoes they are automatically filtering for "suspect items," yet still turn a blind eye at obvuious scams.

I know what you're thinking. Did I list five brightly coloured, short-sleeved shirts or six? In all the excitement, I lost count myself. The question you have to ask yourself is "Do I feel lucky?"

Well, Mike, do you?

(Next week, I shall be doing a sad rendition of Taxi Driver's "Are you talking to me?" monologue; given an equally weak prompt :oops: )

haha I thought it was funny. But than, I find crazy frog and the taxi driver on BBC funny.

GLW, did it take them a full day to approve it?

I think it was about half a day in the end, but it was still really annoying. Even more annoying was the stupid email I got from them denying that the word "revolver" was the problem (despite the warnings that were flashing up on screen when I was trying to edit my item) and saying that it was normal for items to take over 10 hours to appear.

The moral of this story is never buy a guitar named after anything remotely suspect if you think that one day you'll be flogging it on eBay.

jeeze their shysters.

Ebay will soon rule the world along with Sony, Microsoft and Google, do you know Google makes a note of every search you have ever done against your IP address and has been storing that info for the past 5 years?
Try selling something on Ebay with a description of 'New World Order' see if it that lists.
Big Big Brother. :shock:

That sounds like conspiracy rumour talk to me. IP addresses are pretty meaningless for the domestic user. You rarely get the same one twice.

Not so 'Meaningless'.
Your ISP has a record of every IP address that gets allocated to you (knows by your Login name and Password) and the time and date it was allocated, Google knows the rest, its easy for the powers that run the world to find out exactly what you have been up to.
May not mean a lot today, but what about in 10 years time?,in a time when the world is ruled by ID cards? your whole Identity on a chip? why do passports now have barcodes on them? and they get swiped every time you go in and out of the country.
There are already databases that know what groceries you have bought, where you bought them and for how much.
Say in the future everbody was issued with a credit card that also acted as an ID card? every time you made a purchase you use the card, the goverment knows your Med history cos the national health is now fully computerised, every GP has a computer and a router and broadband to the NHS network. You go to purchase a Mars bar and find out you have been blocked from doing so because you are 10lb overweight, and the goverment has decided you could benefit from losing a little? Maybe they caught you accessing a contreversial web site, so as a punishment they stop you from making any tabbaco purcahses for a week?
They could expell you from the system altogether. block your card.
Its all about control of the populous.
Anyone still awake? im probably up for the jump in 10 yrs for typing this out.
Anyway, what was the original post about?

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