I need help with my fender bridge

Hi i just got some heavy dean markley strings for my US 50th anni strat. i originally used lights and extra lights. But with these heavy's the bridge raises about half an inch at the rear. How do i set the bridge so it is flush with the body again? Thanks!

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Ah... the joys of changing string gauges. It's for this very reason I try to always use the same gauge strings on a particular guitar. And I hate Fender trems too - too much bloody trouble. I've got mine screwed right down and I don't use the trem.

Thanks but what do u mean by" screw them down"? how is it that i do this and is it bad to let the bridge pop up so much? i would hate to ruin the guitars neck and or bridge over strings

It depends if you want to use the tremolo or not. If you don't use it, then install all five springs in the back cavity and screw the bridge down tight with the six screws on the edge under the strings. Unless, you have one of those other tremoloes... I'm not quite sure how those work.

Out of interest, why did you decide to change to heavier strings?

Yeah glw, he may have a system 1 Strat! thats a different kettle of fish.

I don't think the 50th Anniversary Strats were System 1, but I might be wrong.

It is one of those floating tremolos with three screws in the cavity and two screws in the front that raise or lower to action. And on this issue why i want to use heavier strings is because i feel u get a ballsier sound from them, and somewhat more sustain. extra lights are a little weak.but then again its like butter and easy to play. but i think i will just stick with the XL's on the strat and put heavys on another guitar, probably the Schecter elite c1. I think my heavier rock songs will sound best with it anyways. but hey if u know how to solve my prob i d appriciate it.

There are a few Strat set-up tips on this site:


I bought a system 1 Strat last year, it's a 1984-87 model, a Jap Squier, and its one of those 'E' serial numbers that they used for 3 years.
I only bought it because it was going cheap, i think it was £160, are they considered to be any good? they seem to be quite sought after.

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