Anybody know a good way to get a violin sound

Yo, hey does anyone know how to get a violinish sound from ur guitar? like by using pedals. i got like a synth sound but i want to add more of a violinish sound.

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You could try an EBow. It does a nice cello sound.

Ebow is very good, and there is a certain amount of technique to it too.
ive used one a few times, and they do take a little getting used to, you dont always get an instant sound, you have to place it just right on the strings.

Huw Lloyd-Langton (sometime Hawkwind guitarist) uses an E Bow to great effect. Always fancied trying one.

I just use a cello bow.. I'm running a digitech gnx 3, so I can play with volume swell - and tone (and anything else) to my hearts content.. but it's a whole lotta fun - looks good too, does limit you to either the 1st or 6th string, or chords though.

I've been using the EBow for over twenty years now. I wouldn't use it specifically to mimic other instruments; I prefer to use it for its own sound.

I also have a Fernandes Sustainer guitar which in principle works in a similar way to the EBow, but you really need to use it with high gain distorted sounds unlike the EBow which works best with very clean pure tones.

Hey so i could just use a cello or violin bow on the electric guitar strings. i thought jimmy page did something like that but i would think u need different strings and something to lift the strings.

You could, but the guitar isn't really designed to be bowed.

Not unless you got yourself one of these:

Check out also where you can hear some examples of the GuitarViol being played. Very interesting!

Or on a budget, master the volume pedal. Not perfect violin sounds but same vibe in the mix, if done well. Very well.

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