Over rated Guitarists.

We all have our favourite guitar players, and we all like them for different reasons. But, what about the ones, in your own opinion, don't deserve the adulation and hero worship that goes hand in hand with being famous.
I don't want this to turn into a huge "flaming" session, but here's my 2 cents: The Edge. Yes, he does have an instantly recognisable sound, but blimey, you'd think he'd have developed a bit more over the years :roll:

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IMO, the most over-rated guitar hero ever is Eddie Van Halen. The man has about 10 licks in his bag and nearly repeats entire solos on different songs sometimes. :lol: I think the thing that bothers me is when someone who is very talented squanders it by not putting forth a real effort. Joe Satriani's last couple albums are kinda like that too...

By the way, Mark Knopfler has a divine gift for melody, his solo stuff since Dire Straits is quite brilliant. He has a melodic groove that (at times) transcends the limits of what I thought a guitar could do. But I guess I can see how it could be seen as a little boring to some. Not that you were really flaming him bad, though. He did look ridiculous as a rock star with that headband... :D

Heres a gooder for ya'll:

Gavin Rosdale of Bush

But the lucky some bi*** got Gwen LOL :D

Heres a gooder for ya'll:

Gavin Rosdale of Bush

But the lucky some bi*** got Gwen LOL :D

sorry for the double post

Double bass post?

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Couldn't resist. :)

Eddie Van Halen and Gwen Stefani.....Fugly. :shock:

Not often you see a bassplayer admit a mistake, usually its the rest of the band that changed key in the wrong place, and of course you will never see a left handed Bassplayer admit an error.

and of course you will never see a left handed Bassplayer admit an error

Speaking as a moderator, I've admitted some atrociously error-ridden posts in the past. Mostly garbles from Lee.

Advantage 1bassleft.

have to agree , i dont feel 'the edge' has the edge anymore !
noel gallagher is'n't really a guitarist , unless you dont play guitar and knofler is a brilliant blue grass player , i saw him at ronnie scotts , about 8or9 yrs ago , he was good , but i'm not a big fan of dire straits !

i think micheal angelo is a mullet boy ! although he has some interesting runs and licks , he tends to play them continuously to my annoyance ! but i never was a fan of glam rock beyond the 70's !


although , on reflection , its better to be over-rated than not rated at all !

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