String buzz on Ibanez


Just got my 1st guitar today, an Ibanez GSA60 and despite it being really nice guitar, I've noticed the E string makes a terrible buzzing noise, even when playing open. It seems the strings is vibrating on the frets. Is there anyway to solve this problem or shall I return the guitar to the shop?

I did see this thread on the old board...


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you should really look at all those solutions i talked about in the thread you indicated, another reason maybe that you dont have it correctly tuned to the the right pitch? do you use a guitar tuner? if you have the strings tuned a step or whole tone down and you have a real low action then this can cause problems, but ultimatly if you have check all those things i talked about and you still have problems then i would return it to the shop, let them do a setup for you.
Let us know how it goes,


Hi Lee and Bawbag.
Great to have a nicer forum :)

I'm Jonathan from the old thread in the old site and I came again to see if I can solve the problems on my guitar.

I changed the strings (same gauge) and now the buzzing occurs in the B string the same way it did on the A string only a little different - buzzes on open string and first 4-5 frets then the buzzing goes weaker as I go up the neck. Still buzzes on all frets though.

If the buzz happens now on a different string, I think it definitely means that there's something else on the guitar that's buzzing, and it's not the strings.

I tightened the truss rod - makes no difference.
Could the trussrod be broken somewhere along the neck? Sounds like that's the worst case scenario...

Would it make it easier if I tried to record or videotape it to show exactly what I mean?



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