Bass guitar tuition

I have recently started teaching bass guitar.
Some of my tutorials I have uploaded to the internet.
Access via URL:
Any comments would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Best wishes,
Bob #==(o )
Land rover freelander

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Nice and easy to follow, they're not songs I would normally play but I just played through a couple; the familiarity, and the fact you're playing to the vocal melody, helps sight-read them as your not trying to figure the timing etc so they do seem to work to learn your way around the fretboard with.

I also printed of the fret board diagram as I know this of by heart right up to the point when we're writing and I'm improvising...then I go blank! so thanks for that, I'll stick it on my wall!

And I also printed of House of the Rising Sun for guitar, so thank you again!


Tim wrote:
...they're not songs I would normally play...

Thank you for your comments Tim. I realise that the content of my tutorials are not really Rock 'n' Roll but the Musicians' Union has advised me to avoid tunes that are less than fifty years old for copyright reasons. I also chose songs that most people would have heard of. I am pleased that you found something useful on my web site. Maybe you would find my free online transposer template worth a look at URL:
Best wishes to you Tim from Bob #==(o )
Iolite Vaporizer

The copyright thing makes sense and like I say, when I played through some of them knowing the melody already really helped with concentrating on the fingering. Nice site, I like the principle behind it, thanks again.

Bob, if you don't mind, there's a thread here asking for ops on a Behringer pedal that I think you could make a useful contrib to. Back on the copyright prob; here's a saddening tale for us oldies. I went into a high school I'll be working in next year. It was an art lesson where the kids were making masks and one girl's mask had developed a crack across the face. I suggested she could paint around the crack and make it look like David Bowie.

Before I could say "Ziggy Stardust" she said "Who the heck is this Bowie guy you're on about?"

I aged 20 years in ten minutes :oops:

She was only 5 years old, give her a break 1b.

But seriously, the copyright issue is important, spesh in the current climate. Like Tim said but, the fact the Bob's chosen songs are easily remembered does help a lot anyway.

Also, just out of interest seeing as both yourself 1b, and Bob are both involved in teaching, how is the state of public school music education in the UK? Obviously doesn't include Bowie in the curriculum :)

She was year 9, = approx 14 years old. I shrugged and took it on the chin. I've been there before; talking Led Zepp to a blank-looking 19yo back in the late 80s. Nowadays I stick to "Idol" winners if I hope to make sense.

Michael wrote: is the state of public school music education in the UK?

Hi Michael, In response to your question it would appear to me that many state schools have abandoned assembly which means that children miss out on morning singing sessions. I used to have a hymn book which was compulsory to use at every morning assembly for singing. It had genuine music with the dots. I am teaching some children who consequently have absolutely no "musicality" for want of a better word. It all seems a real shame. Some parents tell me that they are desperate for my music tutoring as little is available at school. It would seem the luck of the draw if a teacher at school can offer music education. Some schools seem to get it together, some not. Children from private schools seem to get music tuition. I am simply overwhelmed with people requesting my services especially since I uploaded my web site at URL:
Best wishes,
Bob #==(o )
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Cheers Bob. It is a real shame. I know when I was being taught music in school we learnt the recorder, which is close to say the most obnoxious instrument ever made.

We had recorders in Primary school then in high school, 15 Casio keyboards, supposedly playing together...not sure which was worse!

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