Youtube: Must see videos + anything with Don Johnson singing

I do spend a lot of time browsing YouTube lately, but only because you come across some awesome stuff.

I've opened this thread in hopes of all us sharing a few gems or two.

Philip Michael Thomas - Just The Way I Planned It

Don Johnson - Heartbeat (album sells for about $30 bucks these days, according to Amazon)

A quick clip of Frank Zappa on Miami Vice

but to quickly difuse that crap with quality...

Chet Atkins - Mr. Sandman

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Argent - Hold Your Head Up
(Russ Ballard playing the holey Strat that was the inspiration for my own guitar).

De-lurking to share YouTube goodness...

very tight three piece power trio 1972 tv appearance. awesome Les Paul fretwork starting around 3min. Now if only the guy had a better source tape....

same band, same talent, same Les Paul...29 years later. better video quality, less hair ;)

awesome acoustic alternate tuning with two-handed tapping

And on a Chet Atkins note, Chet first introduced this guy to the Lexicon JamMan in the early 90's saying "this thing was made for you"....

the master of the JamMan... (the fun starts at 2:20 should you choose to skip the 1rst verse... doesn't stop for another 6 minutes. the bad video quality doesn't do all the layers of this piece justice... the dvd is much better).

Thanks, Chet!

Laurence Juber - Strawberry Fields Forever, Muriel Anderson - Rumores de la Caleta, Phil keaggy - Shades of Green, Laurence Juber, Muriel Anderson & Phil Keaggy - Day Tripper all in the same video!

Now for the rediculous...

an expensive cat toy

stupidest use of a computer

I loved the 'Strawberry fields' that was brilliant.

But now for the master, 2 Randal stacks, a double necked guitar, and a Hairpeice which has a fishing line attached to it, and the other end is connected to a large pull lever near the headstock of the guitar, of course it is only pulled on special occasions when comic relief is required, which is usualy when his widdling ideas run out, about 2 mins into the set.

This is killer:

Yellow Matter Custard - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Neal Morse - vocals/guitar/keys
Mike Portnory - drums
Paul Gilbert - guitars
Matt Bissonette - bass

very nice.

OK, it's not music. In fact, it's silent. But this is where I've been lately. This is me pulling into a resort in Mountain Home, AR, where we just had our national T Bucket meet.

Imagine "Born to Be Wild" in the background, if you really need music, and Don Johnson driving my car.

Neighbours' Stefan Dennis aka, Paul Robinson shows us how he used to groove ...........

I just love this performance.

Young Rascals - Good Lovin'

Late to YouTubing, but while rummaging through links to the fave bass riffs thread I played any King Crimson while there. Here's an absolute beauty for everyone, "Frame by Frame":

Levin on a Chapman Stick, Belew's battered Strat and his interesting use of bendybar. Tops for me, though, is the closeup of Robert Fripp during the fast, no-vocal choruses. And I happen to know what a pig to play those Roland synth guitars are.


that Don Johnson video was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone notice that was Dweezil Zappa on guitar?

they took down the video in the link you posted... here's a fresh one:

damn i miss the 80's


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