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Surfing the inerweb a couple of days ago I popped into the site of a favourite band of mine, I won't name them, I couldn't stand the ridicule.
Tucked away in a corner was an ad asking for applications for guitarist in a side project by two members of this band. In a moment of foolhardy excitement I fired off an email, telling them I was interested and gave them some of my history. I expected to hear nothing more. Lo and behold yesterday, I get a very nice email from their management asking me to send them a cd of my stuff!

It's been a long time since I've auditioned for anything, or even played live, apart from the odd bbq, bashing out drunken versions of Brown Eyed Girl on the acoustic.

So, on the cd what do you reckon, 2 maybe 3 tracks tops?
Just enough to show them what I can do?
Or just one, bearing in mind I'll be playing everything myself, guitar, bass,
keyboard. Not drums, neighbours kids are at home and they usually end up wanting to come in and get involved.

I don't know if it's my age, but I feel very nervous. Anybody else get like that?

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Yeah, just two or three tracks should do it, preferably in different styles so they can get a better idea of your playing and what you're capable of.

Nice one glw, thanks for that. I'd gone into full on panic mode.

Three tracks it is then, all different flavours.

I think 3 tracks as well, hope it goes well... i bet it's 'Flock of Seagulls' is'nt it?
Come on, spill the beans, who are they? promise we wont laugh, well maybe in a kind of 'Bigus Dickus' way..

Okay, you twisted my arm, it's Hawkwind.
*Pauses for the laughter to die down*

Not famous for having stunningly great guitarists, although Huw Lloyd Langton was a bit good, being classic trained and all that.

The side project are called Pre-Med. No idea what they're really looking for, so the demo will contain all the styles I can muster, crammed onto three tracks.

Umm, Hawkwind? 1 Big Hit, 2 Big Tits, and Lemmy.

Aaah, Stacia, bless her, they're probably down by her knees these days!

Did you know, Silver Machine was a song about a bicycle?

Hey Lee_UK, I have a fwend in Wome, he has a wife you know, her name, Incontinentia Buttux.

Classic stuff.

Lee nearly spewed down my USB when I put Hawkwind in my top 5. In terms of influencing me as a teenager (Hawklords was my first gig) they did it for me. Three tracks, don't (DON'T) widdle, give it your best shot. Huw is a fine guitarist with a crystal tone. Was he a white LP player or am I getting foggy with the passing decades?

Don't worry, I can't widdle, never tried to.

Huw does indeed play a white LP. I saw him at a gig in Bristol playing a
Gibson semi, it looked a bit silly 'cos Huw is only about 5' 4".

First saw Hawkwind in '76 when Robert Calvert was front man, amazing gig, blew me away.

First album I bought, Warrior On The Edge Of Time, blimey I'm old!

A three song demo of different styles is fine when you are shooting a demo out to an unknown group or venue. If you know the group and are familiar with their style and genre, try and limit the material in your demo to that style...their going to want to know you've got it down.

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