Framus Guitars Some questions answered....

I was doing a search online for a guitar that was given to me. I noticed alot of people wanting info on "Framus Guitars" I thought Would try to help with some tid bits I found.

First, The serial number doesn't have anything to do with identifying the guitar (unless it is stamped on the back of the headstock).Its the number with the forward slash (ex.1/153) to tell you the name of the model. The last 3 numbers (67k) are the year and month that it was built. November 1967. (A=January B=Febuary C=march etc. continue the alphabet after December starting back at January). Mine is a 5/153 "Caravelle4" made in November 1967. Here is a good link for the info I found:

"Framus Vintage" to "Vintage Models" in top row will get ya there. There aren't any pictures here but the numbers do help narrow it down. I also found a site with a few pictures. Funny thing is, is that, this is the first page that I got on a google search, and my guitar is pictured there LOLOL... the link is:

I hope I have given some good info for ya'll so enjoy!! :D

oh yeah....Apparentlly Warwick Bass has begun remaking Framus Guitars, sounds like good news to me. Probably make the old ones worth more *TEE-HEE-HEE!* :lol:

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Yeah, I saw some of the "new" Framus guitars at the London Guitar Show a couple of months ago. They are hideously expensive.

Hey Bassman and welcome, we need more bass players! Thanks for the info. For some reason I can't view the site, probably not Firefox friendly. I don't suppose you know of the top of your head how the 'stamped on the back of the headstock' numbers work do you? Mine is 14027, no worries if you don't I'll fire up the dreaded IE.

Here is the info taken of the webpage for you:

How to identify your Framus bass or guitar
Until 1981 you can identify the year of construction by a number which is engraved in the headstock. The structure of the number is: [serial-no.]-[year of construction] [month as a letter]

Sample: “4855-64 H” means “August 1964”

Semi-acoustic and hollowbody guitars have a label inside the body.
There you can find the number of model, serial-stamp, year of construction and month (as a letter). Maybe there is an order number too.

Sample: 5/59 = "Sorella", 35062 = Serial No. (no statement about manufacture sequence), 61 I = September 1961

After 1981 different keys were used. Often you find two different numbers at the same model, one at the headstock and another inside the body.

If you can’t identify your model feel free to contact:
[email protected]

I hope this helps.


Cheers for the info Bassman and welcome to the forums.

Yay, welcome indeed to Bassman. Whether your monicker is because you're a four-string plucker or a Fender amp owner, it's good of you to take the time to post up that useful Framus info.

Thanx all!!! :D Glad the info helped!! Yeah I am a "bassman". Been playin' pro.for 'bout 8yrs and I started 'bout 15 yrs ago. I should be postin' some gear pic's on the bass forum soon!!

Thanks bassman, I'll try and figure that out.

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