8) I bought a used Schecter Model T bass about a week ago. It was made in 1999. I thought they were all Korean made. Mine has a small decal in two places, headstock (back) and on the heel of the neck where the body joins that says "proto-99". Don't like it as much as my old Fenders, but it is a killer bass.

Any one out there hear of Schecter building proto types ? 8)

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AFAIK, Shecters are made in South Korea but given a QC and setup in CA before distributing to retailers. Except their Custom guitars, which are made in Burbank. I've no idea when the model T was introduced, but you could go to Shecter guitars website and contact them.

Nice looking bass except (and a lot of makers do this) spoilt by inappropriate looking pups. Why they went for a J/split-P is beyond me (except they're cheap to buy). A single, squarish soapbar would've been better looking.

8) I did research mine. It was not made in Korea. It has a Duncan Quarter Pounder in the P-Bass hole and a Fralin Custom Wind in the Jazz hole. Not cheap pickups my man. It does however, sound about A TON better than the "off the rack" Model T's I have played. The neck is like a late 50's P Bass on mine and not the narrow Jazz necks on every other one I have picked up or played. I was told it was indeed a early "proto" type. The guy I bought it from said he picked it up at the NAMM show.

It is a cool and great sounding bass. 8)

Wow, that DOES sound good. I didn't mean to knock the pups (especially those) I meant that P + J routing is the easy option and makes sourcing simpler. A non-split single coil or a 'bucker would've looked the part better (fond as I am of the old '51/T look).

If the neck is different, is the headstock Schecter style or does it have more of the early Fender bass look to it?

8) The neck says Schecter on it but it does not say Diamond Series like every other one I have seen.

If you like the Tele Bass look you would love my collection !!!! I have every year of that style that was made ( you do know that the very early Fender P Basses looked like Telecaster Basses ) though the new models sound much different, even with pickup upgrades, and the necks are much smaller than the original 50's basses and the re-issues of the late 60's and early 70's.

I have been messing around with uploading songs and though the 3 songs are not mixed or mastered, go to Just hit View Page and you can hear a little of what I do. 8)

That's a classic hoedown, and much better recorded than you suggest, Jimmy. Pity I have a sleeping Mrs whenever I'm on G-site. There are clips that others put up in guitar that I'd like to listen and comment on, but the wrath of Mrs Bass at 4am is a bad thing... :(

8) Yes my friend, Mrs, Bass is just like Mrs. Boogieman. I have been in to the lowdown rockin' Blues for nearly five decades. Married for 34 years, and Mrs. Boogieman still does not like Old,Fat, and Cripplingly Loud Blues during the middle of the night !! 8)

BTW, if it's not Diamond Series then I'd reckon it was made in Burbank, like their customs. If it is a prototype, that's where they'd've done it is my guess.

8) I agree, Specially since it says USA on the headstock and under Schecter on the neck plate. Anyway, it sounds great through my Ampegs. 8)


One's just come up on the Fleeb. Moses graphite aftermarket neck, Dunkmore Semen Basslines pups (not a favourite of mine) and a pretty ambitious price. Still very pretty, even with those pups, and a lefty too. Not on my Christmas wish list, though. See my other thread.

I am not a fan of Seymour Duncan's either. Mine has a 1/4 Pounder in the Jazz slot and a Dimarzio 127 in the P Bass slot. I have played a couple of newer versions. The differences I noticed are that the newer models have much slimmer necks and on my Model T, the Jazz pickup is about a half inch closer to the P Bass pup..And of course they had the cheaper thinner sounding Duncans that come stock.I really like the sound of mine on stage, but think there is a huge difference in the stock Model T and the one I own.

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