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Hello to all
I have a Earth G2000 amp.Early 70s I think. It's in great conditon. I just had it the tubes tested,everything is good. I was wondering if someone can give me a ballpark figure on it's value?
Thanks much.
Slaz ?

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There's always good ol' Harmony Central reviews:

In my exp, a lot of HC reviews lean toward "this amp totally awesomely rocks man!!!" because not many people like to write "I am a dumb-butt and wasted money on a duffer"

I have written "I am a dumb-butt" reviews for poor stuff, so it may be worth paying a little attention to the "bad" review in the above link. As for value, don't expect to retire on it. Unknown tube amps fetch some money, but not large amounts. Circa $200 or less is my guess. Sorry if this is bad news.

Hey Slaz,

The 2004 Vintage Guitar Price Guide is a bit more optimistic about your amp value than 1bassleft. It's their opinion that the 2000G Half-Stack is worth between $450-$550 while the KT & MV series are estimated at $400-$500. Of course, price guides must always be taken with a grain of salt but maybe this news will help you decide on a $ value to place on your rig. Good luck, SB

Sorry SB, I was guesstimating on "head only", not incl cab. Inwhichcase, maybe we don't disagree too far. Also, a guide price takes into account dealers, look 'n' feel, comeback, etc. I tend to pitch a value at the "what you'd get sticking it on Fleeb" end of the market. This is often below shop by quite a bit, so comparisons are tricky. I do reckon that a Fleeblist starting at $400 would pick up no bids at all, but a shop window might get it. Not from me, though.

Funnelly nuff, I went back to the HC reviews. The one concrete that comes out of them is the price paid. All $200 or less for the head. Goes without saying that I know nothing (and have heard nothing) about these amps. Please don't take my-op as gospel; just hoping to fill in some blanks.

Yeah, good point about the head vs. full rig 1bassleft. I guess I assumed a full rig which probably wasn't warranted. I get asked about prices a lot on VintAxe and I try to only reply when I have some "objective" information from a price guide or the bay. I know George Gruhn hates price guides claiming they grossly overvalue some instruments and undervalue others. But, for us mere mortals in search of an approximate value, I believe they are better than nothing. As far as prices on harmony central, I've seen too many cases of "I got my 59 flame top Les Paul at a pawn shop for $50" to put much stock in what I see there. I think Slaz probably knows more now than before he posted so our mutterings have probably assisted. later, SB

:) , SB. Good point about HC reviews. Just as some like to reckon they always buy something great-sounding, some also like to make out they picked up bargain-of-the-century. Anybody buying or selling can look up the Fleeb/HC typical prices (or let a lefty-bass playing, tube-amp using, anorak do it :wink: ), but the owner of a guide-book also pitches in with a useful assessment.

Then (as always), it's a case of "what would you let it go for?"/ "what would you pay for one?" being the key. Posts like ours just set a useful range. Catchya,

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