Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson: All I have to do is Dream

Hi again, I hope all is well and the twangin' is good.

Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson

I've finished off the Everly Brothers' tune 'All I have to do is Dream' ... I guess this section would have to be called the 'bridge' as it doesn't really seem like a chorus. It follows on from the first section I did last week and introduces the one and only 'outside' chord in the whole piece.

That's at Guitar for Beginners and Beyond, along with over 100 similar lessons, all free, all consisting of a movie (showing both hands), tablature, notation for those who read music, midi files to play along to, the mp3 of me playing it, the GuitarPro file for those who have that neat program ... you really can't help but learn! There is also a ton of other guitar related content there, an online tuner, a community with nearly 18,000 members, many of whom are expert players, sound engineers, composers, performers, all willing and able to answer any questions you may have. So, join up and join in!

PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book

My book PlaneTalk is not for beginners; it's for the many players out there who have hit the wall. Player who know scales, modes, chords, have a good grasp of how music works, but still can't bring it all together on the fretboard and turn it into real music; for players who are sick and tired of being confined to pentatonic boxes when trying to improvise; for players frustrated by scales that don't seem to fit; for those looking for melody in all the wrong places. PlaneTalk teaches the very simple 'trick' to solving those problems, a mind-set that allows you to forget about scales altogether, that uses something you learned in the first week of your learning.

The book comes with a DVD, a Slide Rule and membership to a private forum where you can ask any questions and discuss the technique with others who have broken through 'The Wall'. There are many!

Check it out at the PlaneTalk Site.

Slide Guitar in Standard/Dropped-D Tunings DVD

Who doesn't like the sound of slide guitar? Not many of us ... it's just so evocative and hair-raising. The trouble is, most players associate slide with open tunings, which means you need to have a couple guitars: one for normal playing and one for slide. Plus, you need to relearn the layout of the fretboard for the open tunings. Unless, of course, you play slide in standard tuning ... then you can combine both normal and slide into one very neat hybrid style. I've been doing that since 1969, and I finally finished the DVD which reveals everything I know about it. Check it out at Bottle Neck Guitar dot Com. I have also set up a private forum there for those who have bought the DVD, and you can listen to a whole bunch of my slide tunes there to hear for yourself what a neat sound it is.

It's back to work for me, see you out there!


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