How do you record your ideas? (test Zoom MRS8)

I searched on this forum,but i didn't read anything about the Zoom mrs8 (multi-tracks recorder with built-in mic and drum kits).I know that many people are looking for a good recorder=>
I bought it a few month ago just for trying it but now i know : i'll keep it!
I use it to record very quickly my ideas.You really need nothing else and i would like to get your opinion about the recording quality (enough for what i do anyway!!)

You're looking for something unexpensive to record your songs and...your wife needs the laptop to check her e-mails? Zoom made the mrs8 for you

EDIT/new link
The five songs on my blog were recorded with the mrs8

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I really like your playing accoustica, you have good timing and rhythm, some good ideas in there too, finger picking is very good too.
very nice recordings, well done.

Thanks a lot , i appreciate!

Acoustica, cheers for the taking the time and effort mate. Very helpful for those on the lookout for a new recorder.

Did you have any trouble deciding or was the MRS8 the clear winner?

Hi Michael
That was a pleasure to post those samples recorded.....very very quickly!!
I tried to read many reviews about zoom, boss BR600 ,Korg D4,tascam, fostex MR8 on different websites as "musicianfriends".Everybody seemed to be very satisfied by the Mrs8.

As i said that's enough for what i daughter (4 years old) is autist ( do you say?) and i have time for nothing!!
Crazy life.....i've been dreaming about her for more than 20 years...

You're located in australia?A friend of mine lived there a few years ago,i'll ask him where exactly.
I live in one of the most beautiful city in the world => Paris......13th of august: rainy....15 celsius degrees (57 farenheit)!!!!! in London lee_UK?....not very hot i imagine....

London?? Freezing and raining, even big ben isnt looking so big.

Great city, Paris.

For putting ideas down, I and the guitarist use the fairly lo-tech approach of the portable Minidisc player with the mic pointing between our amps. Rubbish sound quality, of course, but it gets the basics on record without too much messing about. Plus, it's so easy to erase all those embarrassing noodles a few days later.

Thats what we do in 'Land' if we are recording around the drummer Pauls flat we all go through the desk, Paul uses a Yamaha DD?? drum machine with the pads, i go through a Pandora PX4 then to the desk, and Gary plays his bass straight through, Paul records to a tape deck and spins us off a copy of the tape at the end of the night.
When we play in rehearsal space i use a MiniDisc Walkman with external mic , and it does quite a good job.

We're not working with a drummer yet so everything goes straight into my PC (Betty III) Terratec 6fire card recorded with Acid Pro4, bass plugs straight in, for guitar I tend to mic up the amp ( I have an old Shure 515SA, Whatever the huck that is, which I use for everything) Sometimes I run the bass through the my LMB-3 pedal if I know I'm going to get loud but thats it. I think of it as an audio sketchbook basically.

Take a look at this :

......all you need for band recording....

:shock: , at $1850 it would have to be. The idea is good, but I can see this becoming a $200 item (OK, maybe without the titanium case) in a few years' time.

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