Gear Snobbery

I've got a mate who only uses Vox amps... nothing else.

Anyone here stick to one particular brand for any of their gear?

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I'm too curious to stick to one brand.

That's probably why I've owned well over fifty different guitars so far.

I'm a strict Dunlop plec man, nothing else will do, nothing.

Tim wrote:
I'm a strict Dunlop plec man, nothing else will do, nothing.

And also a 'Ronco' 1/4" jack plug fanatatic too.

Maybe he just likes VOX amps Mike, there is a lot to like about them.
Ive owned a few and they have all been excellent, but now use very different amps. Hiwatt, THD, Ampeg (bass amp still for sale!) but im now thinking about one of those 100 watt Vox Combo amp moddelers. or maybe an AC30 head, one of the new chinese ones.

Oh yeah... "snobbery" was just the best word I could think of. Sticking to a brand because of quality is of course cool.

The problem with VOX is, they make bloody good amps, very reliable (well the re-issues are) you can get them reasonably cheap, you can gig them for 2 years and sell them on and get your money back, provided of course you wer'nt stupid enough to buy one new, and they look cool as well.
And that goes for most of their range, the Valve and the Valvetronix stuff is very good.

Your right on the money Lee. Which I guess raises the question, and fits in with the topic at hand, which major brands of gear wouldn't you touch even with a 10 foot pole?

Some folks wont go near Fender these days.

I am, I admit, a valve snob. If it's British and still has its Mullards in, whoo-hoo. If not, I make efforts to replace them as soon as late-night cheapskate sniping allows. With my small but growing American amps, I've got a liking for Sylvania 6V6s and RCA or GE 12AX7s. I've just picked up a 1950 Ken-Rad Joint-Army-Navy 6V6 unused in the box for £15.

I sound anal, but the amps sound better. Overpriced, overhyped guff? I'd have to say Groove Tubes. Always going on about how GTs make your amp sound better and giving them code names to disguise that it's really a Sino Chinese or JJ Tesla. Yes, they screen them and match them and blahblah but it's not worth the hike.

Worse still, New Sensor's acquiring the rights to the name "Mullard" and "Tungsol" then sticking the label over ordinary Saratov Russian product. Then doubling the price.

This belongs in the 'Things that make you go Grrrrr' thread. :lol:

i like mesa, maton and boss

but i'll give any piece of gear a shot

What about Behringer, they make some good stuff, mind you they also make some shite too.

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