does this look right to you?

very odd shape body, and look at the headstock? i think it's one of those buyer beware guitars.
Guy has 152 sales though, but looks very odd.

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Maybe I don't know what I'm looking at, but I compared the two-pickup version to everything I can find, and it looks right to me. There IS a 3-pickup version. This one has a new list of about $4000, give or take.

It's not right, it's a fake, look at the body shape of the thing, look at the closeup of the front of the headstock? the moustache is uneven, look at the MOP inlay, looks like it's done by mr magoo.
Others have noticed, i hate people like this, passing off crap as genuine articles. I e-mailed everyone on the bid list and told them to watch out.
i also reported it to ebay.
Take a second look, it's definatly amatuer fake.

Also on the above photos, note the postition of the control knobs in relation to the stop tailpiece.

Look at the moustache at the top of the headstock? wrong? look at the Cusom inlay, is it wonky and off line on the one on the left? and too small?this is supposed to be a new 2006 model? the inlay 'Gibson' is in the wrong place, too high, i havent started on the body, it has a single ply scratchplate, should be a black white black sandwich,
Those who are happy to walk away with the one on the left. walk away with your heads hung in shame. :cry:

I see what you mean GLW, likewise Lee.

Good work spotting it on the bay Lee. Surely this thread would be enough proof for bidders.

Oh dear - someone paid $1600 for it. The seller's feedback is alright (albeit mostly from body-piercing tatooey types) but I suspect this guy bought a doggy, realized it, and listed it ASAP.

Looked at this thing a few times, and what struck me the most, was the "split diamond" on the headstock, did somebody throw it at the guitar and hope it would land in the right place?

At last! someone has seen the light, praise the Lord! i thought it was only myself and Mike that could see the dodgyness of this guitar.
You can see the mistakes all over it, I did point out the wonky inlay on the headstock and also the fact that 'Gibson' inlay is set too high on the headstock.

I am by no means a Gibson "afficianado", but by paying attention to what other people have posted, especially shots of official Gibson products versus the ebay product, the differences are glaringly obvious.
In truth, it would be all too easy to be taken in by this fake, and by that I mean, who on earth would bother to do something like that? It's not the sort of thing you come across on a daily basis. Clever people them Chinese, give it a year or so, and telling the difference will become even more difficult.

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