does this look right to you?

very odd shape body, and look at the headstock? i think it's one of those buyer beware guitars.
Guy has 152 sales though, but looks very odd.

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I did notice, but you did as much as you could. In the end, it's nigh on impossible to stop people from thinking they're going to get a LP for way-below-book price and losing all sense.

Back to the Mustang, the botchjob does look quite cool (nice choice of colour) but I think it may not even intonate properly. A genuine Mustang (preferably not the knackered one I put up with the worst fingerboard I've ever seen) is a very nice guitar.

The 24" scale (very early ones were 22.5" I think) is handy for the kids. The Mustang was meant to be a student electric but it was built to the same highish standards that Fender employed for the contemporaneous Strats. Mus and Strat pups are identical (that's why so many got stripped. Until recently, you'd get far more money for a pair of '66 dated pups, '66 coded vol/tone pots, a '66 serial neckplate etc than for the guitar itself). The body is a smaller strat-like shape with good access. The later "competition" models look very nice with the stripes (I think they were meant to look like the Ford GT40 competition car) and my favourite is the blue/white stripes. The orange/red stripes looks hideous.

A dive on the whammy isn't great for tuning but that's Fender all over, right? I'd've loved to get one for my 8y.o. but good ones are comfortably over $1100 now.

The LP custom didnt go cheap, it got a very good price.

The Mustang does look very nice with the stripes, and like you say in Blue/White it does look like the Ford GT.
Were there early Fender Jap reissues? if so how good were they?
And how good is that bridge at holding it's tuning?
I play my LP Standard for a gig, we are on stage for over 2 hrs, i play loads of note bending solo's and i honestly dont have to tune it during the night. Same goes for my SG, my co-guitarist Sean is always twiddling the pegs on his Tele 72' custom reissue.

Yes, Lee. Fender Japan made Mustang guitar and bass RIs until quite recently. IIRC, they retailed around £550 and still fetch around that (well regarded, but a relatively small market). The most popular are the "competition" ones. You won't get a USA competition for that money, but a later 70s Mustang in boring old sunburst etc is a possible.

I can't comment on how well you can whammy with them, because I've never owned the guitar version. It's not the usual Fender "springs in the rear rout" type but a bendy tailpiece so it may hold it better - I don't know.

Haha, this could've gone in "optimistic eBayers" thread but, really, it would fit better in "dumbass pawn shop dreamers". I recognize the neck wood (I have a horrible feeling it's a type of birch) that imports like Kay used in the 70s. Ghastly, but that marker pen makes the seller think it could be a Fender :roll:

Well spotted bass, 6 in a line tuner, definatly a Kay import.
Marker pen fender logo means its a top quality fake. :shock:
Zero fret too and a good blurred photo of what looks like a wooden bridge, but surely not.

:shock: , you're right about the bridge. I thought it was some brass thing but no. Someone took off whatever saddle assembly was there and put an acoustic guitar-type rosewood bridge onto the old backplate. Yikes! Slight intonation problem. I know that the old Kays had an action like an egg-slicer but that's an extreme makeover. It's so daft, I really ought to send the seller a "this really is a pile of poo" message.

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