Echo and the Bunnymen

there is a very good video on their homepage, this how good music used to be in the 80's.

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i still like the bunnymen !!!
was a fan in the 80's


But did you wear the Camo gear like the rest of us? and Crocodiles was the best album, Villiers terrace, pictures on my wall. And on the porcupine LP, back of love and the awsome cutter.
Kids today eh?

I remember '81 and Porcupine. Everyone (including me) wearing big, long, grey trenchcoats. You mention two of the bast songs anyone put out in that period.

When Ian and Will got together to form Electrofixion (before they decided reverting to E + the BMs was better commercial sense) I was trying to get an interview for Making Music. I had a burger of a job; their manager was getting me to 'phone him in the States (frighteningly expensive in those days) always telling me how keen the band were to do an interview. Truth is, Ian was as bored and contemptuous of music journalists as he ever was (with good reason, I might add). I gave up on it, even thouh I was sympa to the band, only to read a gig review in NME really slagging them off.

That's the biting hand of the music press for ya.

yeah dude !!!

the cutter was the dogs bollox , eh ?

but there really is little i dislike about those guys !!!

the music , the lyrics etc were in a class of their own !!!

silver was a great track aswell !

and the album 'ocean rain' !!

they were the merseybeat !

lee_UK wrote:
this how good music used to be in the 80's.

That's strange, I remember in the 80's people saying that the music then was nowhere near as good as the 60's. And I've hear guys in the early 60's saying Rock and Roll was a passing fad.

Guess it's what you get used to when you're young!

80's music really gets a slagging off in UK, and you have to admit a lot of it was total crap, but people overlook the gems, Bunnymen definatly fall into that box.
When 'Crocodiles' came out there was nothing like it, the band also had a great guitarist Will Seargent, Mac used to play guitar (although he doesnt now) and Will used to put in those wonderfull guitar fills.
Also there was Teardrop Explodes, i was a big Julian Cope fan too, The Cramps, and The Psychedelic Furs before they re-recorded 'Pretty in Pink' for some stupid Hollywood film.
They were happy days, never had the long coat but had the Army coats and Camo gear.. :lol:

yeah defo !!!

i was born in 69 !
i was a teenager in the eighties !
you are right about 80's music , lots of crap , as there always will be , but some incredible bands aswell!!!

much as i dislike U2 now , i loved them then !
but i liked judas priest , AC/DC , Gong , zappa , beefheart , james brown , micheal jackson , jesus and mary chain , half man half biscuit , wizards of twiddley , hawkwind and lots more !

along with a lot of 60's stuff when i started to learn guitar and was introduced to blues and rock !!!

i remember hearing joe satriani in about 87/88 and was totally blown away , i'd never heard anything like it !
absolutely awesome to an 18 yr old !!! still is actually , to a 37 yr old !!!

but i guess zappa has always been in the mix , as he was a freak of gigantic proportions !! :twisted:

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