8) We all have our favorite make of pickups. What is yours and why ? May help some younger players 8) or someone just looking for a better pickup or a better sound.

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The split (p-style) Pup on my Aria is pretty much dead...the D/G half needs to be about 2/3mm closer to the strings than the E/A half to get comparable volume but then they sound different, I've tried different amps and strings and cleaned every bit of circuitry I can get to but it still sounds bad.

Any recommondations on a good straight replacement for a p-style (ie. no woodwork!)? Fairly standard p-style location:

I play mainly blues/rock I like a lot of deep punchy bottom but also want to hear the full range of my bass...and I swear by passive basses. My budget, I'd guess, would cover 'mid-range' stuff...

Thanks for any help you can give, take it easy,


I depend on a bit of a over wind. I play really LOUD Blues and Blues-Rock. There are a zillion cool picups, and everyone will tell you something different. Take the advise of a old Blues dog like me and either pickup a Duncan 1/4 Pounder or a vintage sounding Dimazio or Schaller Dimarzio copy. They all get very good old school tone. Keep your eyes peeled on Ebay or send me a personal email. 1Bass may have something laying around also.

For Blues and Roots related bass tone, stay away from the " fancy" newer stuff. They are most all wound for the "finger popping" dudes. And Brother, that does not cut it in Blues !!!!

Play that Bass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

The only P-type pup I had (now sold, never used it) was the Dimarzio Split-P. Exactly the sort of fancy, dual humbucker you don't want. Jimmy's suggestions will go straight in. The only drawback is that you might suddenly have a much higher output than your Jazz bridge. If you replace that, too, remember that the bridge pup is narrower than the Jazz neck pup.

Thanks, both of you, for the quick replies! I'll have a look round for those recomendations.

I rarely use my Bridge pup as I find it a bit twangy/bright so shouldn't be too much of a prob...if I can find a deal to replace both I will though, thank you both for your advice.

Tim, I'd suggest searching "bass pickup" (Fleeb will automatically search for the plural) and select a worldwide search. Pups (especially used pups) are much cheaper to get from FleebUS than FleebUK. Postage is very cheap. I use (ask the seller) the Global Priority Mail envelope which is stiff card and protects the pup if padding is used.

I usually pay for the $9 version, although very sassy sellers have easily got away with the smaller, $5 version. Either way, I don't mind and it gets here in about 5 days or less. Most recently, I managed to get the Dunkmore Semen version of the Rickenbacker bridge pup for a tiny amount of money. It's meant for a little project of mine that's always more complicated with each purchase I make.

Hey Ibass, are you talking about Fleebay ?? I can't seem to find any bass stuff. Let me know. 8)

Thanks 1BL, I've seen the 1/4 pounder new for £60...obviously a Fleeb auction would be a good thing, more money for wine! Or an amp of course, that'd be good, one day.


Just a simple search like this for FleebUK

turns up some interesting parts including a Bartolini P pup (bound to rise as the days go) and the US equivalent

gets a whole load more. Refreshingly, the US search for "bass pickup" didn't return a whole load of fishermen's trucks :)

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