Trying to learn scales...not going to well...

I know about scales and the theory about scales but i just don't know how to learn them ?

Because there are so many patterns and stuff it seems like it is impossible to learn a whole scale ?

I know about saying note names out loud when you are learning scales and stuff like that , but i can't find a way to learn a whole scale

Will someone , who has patience, please attempt to give me a little lesson ? Some people have but i still lack that little extra knowledge :D

I have tried searching for lessons everywhere but none answer what i want to know


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heres what i did, first you take a scale in any key and play it to death, i sit and watch TV and im playing a pentatonic scale over and over and over, when you can play it correctly and follow the story of the film you are watching them you are ready for the next one, one word, repetition,
its the only way, you can look them up in books, analyse them, understand them but then you need to practice them, i started with the minor pentatonic scale, id start in the key of A and learn it on 3 places on the neck, and play it to death, learnng th different keys is easy after you have those shapes burnt in your brain, then i'd move on to Major pentatonic etc etc.

How can i find out all of the positions of a scale ?


root of the minor pent scale is 5th fret on the E string, root of B is on the 7th fret on the E string, root of C is 8th etc you know all that right??
well here is the minor pentatonic to be getting on with, this example is all in the key of A minor,
good luck, and dont forget you just have to play this to death.

Thanks for the link :D

So i just learn all of the shapes right ? And the notes ?

Are these shapes in the A Minor Scales the same for the B Minor , C minor and so on ?


the shapes are exactly the same for any key, the ones stated are in A minor, so if you want to solo in Bm then you slide the whole thing up a step, 2 frets, the root note will be B.

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