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Micahel, do you think i should fly out there? have it out with them? right on the doorstep? Bass will you come out there with me as my wing man?? you know i go in, slap the guy round the face with the old glove 3 times, call him a liar, a cad and a no good dirty doer, and demand satisfaction, and then send you in as my second!! are you handy with a 44 Magnum (not a limited edition ice cream lolly) at 30 paces?

:lol: If I'm your "second", I can only drag your sorry corpse from the duelling field. I suggest you don't choose Magnums (revolver or ice-lolly variant) but those laser-pointers.

If you draw first, his only defence will be to whip out a silvery DVD to reflect your shot. Seeing as the guy probably doesn't have one to his name, you've got him straight between the eyes.

If he does, I'll drag your sorry corpse off the field and have a check through the DVD. If it's any good, I'll post up to guitarsite, promise. Michael, standby to referee. I can write the pocketwatch tune from "For a Few Dollars More" onto the cellphone.

"Ey, gringo"


After reading that I'm sure he's no doubt strapping your DVD to the back of his best carrier pigeon en route to the UK. Just pop 23 bucks for postage in its beak.

what is your oppinion about this gay
visit the site

Emo, I've got no opinion on your sexual orientation. Whatever you're comfortable with.

Big problem is signing onto a forum, dumping a "check out my site" plug in FOUR different threads and bannering off (is that a pun?) without taking the time to contribute one sentence to anything. No, I won't be checking out your site.

Bass, dont be so quick to judge, just calm down, count to 10 and then go to Emo's site and check out the barnstorming 'Winds of Bulgaria' he realy lets it 'rip' on that tune! sounds more like the pipes of Papourka, classic rock stuff from a classic looking guy, Emo looks a dude.
10/10 A++++ hi carumba

Lee, you always bring out my better nature. So I checked Emanuil's site and, OK, I made a cheap shot at his typo error. Nevertheless, we're talking amongst ourselves. He hears nothing, reads even less, gets back on the spam.

Sorry to sound anal, but I get bugged by this. F'r'instance, Copernic used to be a good "search the search engines" engine. Not any more. Type in "prostate cancer" and the first 5 hits are "search for great deals on 'prostate cancer' on eBay" and the remainder are "compare prices on 'prostate cancer' at"

Seriously. Try a search of, say, "buttock sarnie" and dratted eBay comes up with the #1 hit, followed by the online shops. Spammers. Emo is just doing the same thing, however good his playing may be.

Ironically, Fleeb gets very narky if one lists an auction, "Hondo II bass, extremely crap, much worse than lookylikey Fender, don't buy", and accuses one of 'broadening the search'. :) Not that I've listed it - not until Fleeb has a "solid wood fires" category and, even then, I'd have to point out it's ply. :wink:

i was just flipping though ebay and came across this self build oddity, have a look at the headstock, he makes no comment on it but im sure you are supposed to cut the headstock to your required style? what do you think? i cant beleive you would leave it like that, get me my Black and Decker Jigsaw!

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